Christmas 2014


It’s that time of the year again and for quite some time now I’ve been anticipating the most fun part of blogging: curating my Christmas wish list – only to find that the elder I get, the shorter my list becomes. Other than a Rimowa Classic, Diptyque candle and a couple of books on Amazon, I really can’t find anything else to grace my list. Which made me realized that I’ve grown to become a go-getter . . .

I want, I earn, I get. Repeat.

In moments of solitude I dug deep into my heart to figure out if there’s anything I really want. Questions like “What would you do right now if you could do anything at all?” or “Where would you be if nothing is stopping you?” flood my mind; and all I could hear is a silent cry wailing out:

All I ever wanted is to travel the world so please, just let me be!

I want a voyage, yet here I am sitting with my old but loyal MacBook on a quiet Christmas evening and mysterious city lights dancing to the rhythm of the night. What’s everyone doing?

I think of my friends so near yet faraway. I text them about how I thought what a shame it is that something as simple as meeting up when we are in the same radius sounds like something so impossible, just to receive a ruddy reply saying “Next time“. What happened to ‘good ol’ times’?

* * *

Christmas day. I woke up with a sore throat and flu that just booked a flight on its way. Lucky for her she’s found herself a free stay this holiday – in my body. Why hello there, cool Couch Surfer! Should it get worse and I have to see a doctor tomorrow, HAH! No one at work would believe me. What great timing.

Plan to stay in bed all day in my pyjamas because I read somewhere that it’s a cherished tradition at some part of the world, so it must be a pretty good idea. Watch Jamie Oliver, Nigella and a bunch of assorted TV hosts cook as they travel their way to different kitchens, making me green with envy and dying for glorious meatballs bubbling in silky tomato sauce.

Ahhh, Christmas. If I could be anywhere doing anything, I’d love to be dancing under snowflakes at New York without wasting another second. But for now, at least I’ve got this new candle from Big Guy to keep the magic of Christmas burning for the next 12 days or so . . .


Feliz Navidad.

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