So I ‘Dated’ A Lawyer

While He Dates A Different Girl Every Week.



Are we supposed to be proud of this? Promoting casual dating and pretending to play it down by saying it is all about ‘social skills’?

I quote Louis who said in the desperate article, “If you are not racist and are open-minded, there’s so much to love and appreciate.” So, hurrah 1Malaysia, let’s have an exotic orgy?

Keep your daughters safe at home, daddies.


Don’t get me wrong – I am not against any forms of dating – one can date a cow for all I care. But what I AM against is others USING my face to create misleading content and damaging my reputation!

My life depends on my job and my job as a digital talent is based online. Yet this online media company, NEXTSHARK, has successfully made my contacts believe that I dated an ass! I woke up receiving a slew of screenshots from family and friends asking:

“Did you DATE this guy?’

“Did he ‘play’ you for fun?”

“Looks familiar… lol”


I met this now-famous-guy at UnidiMsiaChats’s ‘Freedom of Speech and Cyber Harassment‘ event, who introduced himself as Louis the ‘lawyer’, interested in the laws of preventing cybercrime. Little did I know that ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘cyber harassment’ would turn out this way.

Isn’t it I.R.O.N.I.C that this photo is published WITHOUT MY CONSENT, used OUT OF CONTEXT, and taken at an anti-CYBERCRIME event by my HUSBAND?

While there’s nowhere in the article that state we had a threesome, it is a piece of absolutely misleading crappy news!



This is concerning so give it a thought.

What values are we preaching? If you are a lawyer, a playboy can be your side profession? Because anyone can date but there’s no need to boast about it. Do we really need an article for this?

Downplaying twisted context doesn’t mask the fact that you are an irresponsible media company so SHAME on YOU, NEXTSHARK. On behalf of other girls, you should be fined for damaging reputations.

I expect a written and published apology from NETSHARK.


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  1. Hi cindy,

    This is louis here. I saw your comment and was directed here.

    Firstly, to get you even involved in this silly hoohaa,, i am really really sorry.

    I hope you’d understand that i only gave answers when i was interviewed, and obviously i never for my life time claimed that i dated you. it would be totally insane. especially with audrey, a married woman, by the side. The writer just decided to take photos from my ig, (which i have suspended for the sake of avoiding further misinformation), and use as a photo for this article.

    That being said, i still apologise to you for getting you involved. I have requested the article to be taken down, and the photos as well. i believe it will be reflected soon.

    if theres anything further that i can do, please let me know

    1. Thank you, Louis. Good to know you’re still a smart boy with sense! In the big picture, I think this sorta article might not be something that will reflect too well on your career. Just my 2 cents.

      Please ensure that both Audrey & my face are taken down. (I don’t think it’s right to feature any other girls’ faces there either, without their consent.)

      No grudges. Live life to the fullest.

      1. hi Cindy, yes i totally agree with you.

        I have addressed the matter more detail here

        As of now the article does not have anyone’s photo except one person who gave her consent.

        In regards to the facebook post, the writer is in the process of getting the management to take it down, i will ensure it is done asap

        For any inconvenience caused, i nonetheless.apologize unconditionally. Please kindly forward my apology to Audrey as well..

        Thank you for your willingness to hear me out and understanding the issue. Do know I have a lot respect of for your work..

        This will be resolved. Sorry once again.

      2. Hey Louis,

        You should also change the title of your post. Why is it ‘man’ is used while ‘girls’ is used instead of ‘women’??? Please don’t be a sexist; refer to women appropriately. Thanks.

    2. Hi Louis,

      1. Whenever someone approach to interview and write an article about you, they would ask for photos. If you didn’t give it personally to them, did you authorise and permit them to access your instagram and take whatever they think suitable? I am a publicist to a few brand and usually that is the flow of many media, they ask for photos.

      2. Did you really go out on proper dates with these people or you would simple consider a drink after work with a colleague as a date as well?

      I’m sure you are a smart guy. Yes, it’s nice to bask in fame. But I hope you understand activist type of lawyers should put ethics and courtesy first.

      1. Hi Abby,

        Exactly! One can’t save / download any images from Instagram. So it’s either Louis lied, or NEXTSHARK print screen the photos from his IG account. Either ways, it’s fishy & unethical.

        Couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. He’s young & I hope he has learned now.

      2. Hi, there’s a lot of ways to get pictures from instagram via Apps especially for IOS device. You can even try it yourself. Based on my own experience.

      3. Daryl Phuah on

        I wouldn’t be so quick to blame him. Journalism has gone to shit nowadays, its far worse in the digital space. While most media outlets with some history or training will have the etiquette and professionalism, many digital outlets don’t.

        We’ve had articles and pictures of us written in many places we didn’t even know of, many with wrong information and of course using our images without asking for consent. They would just make sure its properly credited.

      4. Not taking sides, just wanna say taking pics from Insta or any other site is easy as pie. Screenshots, for one. Inspect code, for devs. Like, not even worth bringing up.

  2. Hey Louis,
    Back in college you were just a typical studious Ah Beng, what happened ??? Did you get called to the bar and your puberty at the same time??

    Cmon la you’re a lawyer, behave like one leh..This flamboyant portray of promiscuity won’t reflect well leh..Ok hor..

    Ah Lian~

    1. I hope he repents already… (:

  3. It’s really bad of NextShark to have used the photos without permission.

    What is wrong with a DATE though? He is not fucking all the girls without their consent or lying to them. A date is just hanging out together, finding out more about each other, isn’t it? Two consenting adults having a conversation over coffee, a walk or enjoying activities together?

    He’s not committing to one girl saying they’ll go steady and then dumping them.

    Why do you think it’s a cin?

    1. Hi TY,

      IMO, to determine what’s ‘cinful’, one may simply start by answering “Would you like the same thing to happen to your mother / daughter?”

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with dates. Maybe in Louis’s case they were only meet-ups. & whether he slept with all the girls ain’t our business.

      What I have a problem with is NEXTSHARK posting misleadingly & using my / other’s faces without our knowledge to gain traffic to their site.

      I like the cin, btw (;

    2. Andre T. Gomes on

      Hi TY,

      I’m Cindy’s husband. I think you may have missed the point… I took the picture at this guy’s request as a memory of an event. That is ALL! I can vouch that my wife never dated him and that the picture was taken out of context in the article and I resent that! I don’t give a damn who he sleeps with, dates, or whatever. Not my damn problem. All I care about is respect for my wife. I will not have her name dragged in the mud by people trying to get their 15 mins of fame!


      A pissed off husband.

  4. Wow, this is crazy! I would’ve been so upset had that happened to me. It’s incredible the right some people think they have to do acts like this! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day!



    1. It really is crazy. Some people would do anything just for 15-minutes-of-fame… Thank you for your wishes & hope you have a great day with the baby too! xxx

  5. My friends and I were talking about him a few months back, I would guess around 6 months ago? One of them saw his Instagram posts and it all sort of got a bit “viral” among us. Not because he was a serial dater, or a great lawyer and what not. But more for the blantant post he puts in Instagram which was then public (and now suspended)

    He would actually post pictures of these girls and the caption of these posts would be mini “reviews” of his dates. Like seriously, pictures of him and these girls then he writes the pros and cons of going out on a date with them! We were all shocked to see it would only guess that they gave him consent to have him post pictures or them together with REVIEWS! He got smart to delete his Instagram because I am pretty sure no girl would want that kind of public reviews out in public. Shows what kind of classless misogynistic prick he is.

    To blame Nextshark completely wouldn’t be fair, because he clearly knew what was happening. To say that he lacks the awareness, he did graduate with a degree in law. This guy is an example of a self-conscious man who feels like he needs to prove himself to compensate for whatever manhood he might have.

    1. My thoughts exactly! What a creeper. Not sure why those girls went out with him knowing he gives these reviews to his “dates”.

      My friends and I were talking about it a couple of weeks back also! He was bothering one of our uni mates to go on a date with him. He tried to hold her hands and kiss her on the night out. Luckily she was smart enough to bring a male companion along nearby in case anything happens.

      Totally agree on the point that Nextshark is not entirely to be blamed for this!

      If Louis didn’t talk like he’s the Bruce Wayne of KL on his Instagram, the story wouldn’t get picked up in the first place. Plus he happily gave the interview KNOWING it was going to be about his dating adventures. To act all innocent like the author twisted his words to make a click bait article is just sly.

      Louis was aware of exactly what he was doing to get his fame. Well he got it, just not the way he thought it would be. And it backfired. I’m sorry but I’m glad it did, and I can’t say I didn’t see coming- who knows how many more girls will form part of his proud collection of trophies on his Instagram. So much for not objectifying women and showing respect! Hello, we are not food for you to be reviewed on Foursquare K.

      Acting all innocent and saying things like “improve social skills” is clearly a smoke screen to a deeper agenda. To turn around and accuse the author for using strong words like “dating” when he uses it all the time when boasting on his social media about his “3rd date this week” is just so hypocritical.

      Gotta beware who we go out with lest we become part of a creepers street-cred on insta to go out with more girls. Urgh.

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