Hello April

Location: Berlin

Balancing It All with Books, Groovin’ and Drunken Chicken Nights!

hello april

From cozying up with a book and jazz to some body groovin’ with friends on International Dance Day, April is a month lined up with my favorite celebrations for memorable evenings. I look forward to returning to Cingapore, enjoying ‘drunken chicken’ over candlelight dinner at our balcony during Earth Hour (recipe to follow on 3rd April), smouldering my cat with love, and discovering a new jazz place in the comfort of tropical weather after a harsh German winter.

Special days to keep you cinspired this month:

7th April

is World Health Day!

To anyone who has ‘gym 3 times a week’ in their new year resolution yet hasn’t started, it’s OK. This less festive but important day is your excuse to get the ball rollin’. 7th April is the day; no more procrastination now!

22nd April

is Earth Day.

To Earth Hour fans, this year it falls at 8.30 p.m. on 25th March 2017.

23rd April

is World Book Night.

Stay in and snuggle with your book or pick up a new one you’ve been wanting to read. It’s a Sunday after all; what better way to spend it cozy? 😉

29th April

is International Dance Day!

Plan a dance night with some friends at a club that plays your favorite music genre and catch that Saturday night fever.

30th April

is International Jazz Day.

No Black Tie KL is hosting a special evening with 14 groups (!) from 7 p.m. onwards. Advance reservation is required with a charge of RM42. I’d so love to be back there, the real home with my best friends.


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