5 Things

Since the past 5 days i have been celebrating Chinese New Year ill – leaking nose, sneezing marathon, growing one deserted throat a cactus field would probably sprawl on it . . . One could only imagine what it feels like to be so unwell, especially during all that festive celebration. But here are 5 things that are worth a glance to make one’s cold week warmer.

1. This lion head


{because every year we get to act all goofy around it}

2. This shot of a Christmas tree i took in Germany


{because though long gone is Christmas, i honestly had more fun decorating this tree than hanging red packets}

3. This Thick Tower at Esslinger Burg


{simply because this is a beautiful shot}

4. The winter skies of Ludwigsburg


{because i figure this is probably the closest i could get to aurora borealis}

5. These dancing lights


{because it amazes me how their variety of fluttering patterns can make my imagination fleet wild}


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