5 Cinspirations

It has been exactly a month today since I came to live abroad but it felt like forever. Hence, this week’s cinspirations series is a cross between #nowplaying and #throwback to sum the colorful memories painted on my mind. I wish to send a huge hug and thank you to Laura Rose in this post, for her sweet gesture that reminds me of: my travels, the place I call home, and how nice it is to have something special to hold; while being so faraway from both (#5).

1. This soursop sago gelato

soursop sago gelato

{because it is served at this vintage-tiled café just a few minutes walk from my house}

2. Airport bound

Suvarnabhumi airport

{because I miss anticipating the next flight out while waiting at a world-class airport}

3. This photo of me

Hermes scarf

{for I have forgotten how much happier I was back then}

4. This sea urchin pudding featured in New York Times

lolla sea urchin pudding

{for being the best thing I’ve tasted ever since I arrived in Cingapore}

5. This postcard all the way from United States

Frederick postcard

{because you don’t get many friends who send you lil’ mementos to remember good times spent together, just like Laura}


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