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Every year there’s a new book, and every book has 12 Chapters. Now we’re in the 11th. Does time fly too fast, or are we moving too slow?

i spent my first 8 months working from 9 to 6. The next 2.5 months traveling, blogging, and understanding the difference between like, and love. i must say, that i learned more about life by spending 1/3 of my life doing nothing compared to almost 9 months being pregnant with PowerPoint proposals.


One of the most fulfilling thing that i did and achieved this year was a pledge i took up to make Madam Lily Sin, a stroke victim’s wish (to get a pair of multifocal glasses and hair makeover) come true. The above is an article from The Sun.

My 24th birthday is coming up, and i asked myself many times, “what do i want for my birthday?

The answer, is nothing. i’ve worked hard enough to get everything i wanted (no, my parents don’t superspoil me with stuff), and there’s nothing else i need that i can’t live without.


Article from Malaysia Today.

Part of me feels grateful to be so lucky, but another part of me feels quite sad because the things that i want are matters that money cannot buy. Well, of course i could still make a list of things i wish i own like a Tiffany & Co. signature ring, a Coach bag, the new Canon S95 (when my S90 is still working perfectly)…

*ehem* Those are the things i (do) want, but give ’em all to me, next year i want another ring, another bag, another camera. What’s the point? How long could the happiness by looking and touching these expensive things last in one’s lifetime? Truth is, it is never enough.

But by using 100% effort and 0 cent, i found a kind of fulfilling happiness that will always remain in me.


i am very sure my other blogger buddies feel the same way too.

Kimberly received donation from her readers and managed to buy 3 hospital beds instead of 1; which was the initial goal, while Sai Mat Kong organized a charity car wash to raise funds and he did GREAT! i’m very proud of us.

Below are some pictures taken at the TLC Promise Me Campaign Celebration Party, photos courtesy of Kim Cun.


Michelle from Nuffnang and me in hues of baby blue~ what i admire about this lady is that she doesn’t waste money on branded stuff and still looks like a brand herself!

For example, you might wanna ask her whose blue blazer that belongs too and how much does it costs her to look more pro than me! LOL


Waiting for the ceremony to start… and there’s the stage where we received our certificates.


The BIG HEART Group Picture !!!!! 😀


Ever since i joined this campaign, whenever i feel upset (for valid reasons OR sad because of PMS), i tend to think of my very first visit to NASAM, the strokees’ house.

The provoking image of an old lady fed thru a pipe and not her mouth subconsciously makes me touch mine, and wonder why do i ever complain with this pair of lips, when even those who can’t even use ’em to chew, are living everyday with smiles on their faces.

Promise Me to take up a pledge next year because i Promise You that it is gonna be a priceless experience, and an everlasting memory you will never forget. 😉

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  1. Meaningful post indeed. 🙂

  2. u guys did an awesome job!

  3. i must say you’re a very nice lady…
    such a good job you had done to others, and I am very sure
    that you’ll be always blessed.
    i’m not so sure about the part you said that your parents doesn’t
    super spoil you with stuff…hmmm
    its not that i want to spoil the atmosphere here,
    i hope you blog with self truths more. or it will end up nothing.

    1. well, if i have to say something that’s not true, i’d rather not mention it. (=

  4. A nice article and meaningful program, keep it up.

  5. dun worry, u sure have us your readers.. haha

    1. thanks for always bein supportive, sachron 😉

      1. no problem, i like your blog post and photo also.
        jus these few weeks i’m so busy untill i cant surf your blog every time….
        i’m so sorry…hehe

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