One famous FAQ one receives throughout the whole year, every year, i believe sounds something like this:

” What should i get X for his / her birthday?! ”

i find it funny sometimes when i’m asked sucha question because you should know the person well enough to be worried to such extent, but i don’t. Shouldn’t gifts come with sincerity and, at least a lil‘ bit of thought put into it?

We all have BFFs and one of mine, is non other than the lovely,


Eri Peng. A lover of scarves, self help books, canto drama, and the colour purple.

That’s probably the easiest, out-of-nowhere list of things i know about her but i suppose now i know why it’s never a difficult thing for me to get someone a gift on their birthday.

From the list of things above, for Eri, i picked purple.


So on 13th November, i decided to make “some girl” cry by throwing her a surprise tea party themed “Violet“.

OK, so i’m lying. i didn’t expect tears, but it happened :


i ruined some girl’s makeup on her birthday! Call me Big Bully.


Awww… (‘:

Here’s an awesome video i shot that has “great coverage” over her surprised reaction seeing the guests from my guest list. Muahahaha~

Continued by our touching Happy Birthday song to Eri :

i think i know what she wished for! i think i know what she wished for!! LOL


i made her a Smiley Stick because i noticed how this girl has started to discount her smiles in pictures ever since she wore braces.

i’ve been there and i know exactly how it feels. It’s super shitty, especially on occasions when every girl wants to look pretty. T_T


Me | Charlene | Eri | Ruby


a|x was there to support too! Here he’s holding a velvet cupcake.


Eri & a|x. 


curi makan“. hahahaha! (pun)


Eri’s sisters and baby girl were the most supportive and bersemangat. They were there early and everyone (including the baby) wore purple! 😀


Eri, not breast but cake feeding.


The birthday and baby girl.. ^^


A picture a|x took which i thought captured the priceless reactions pretty nicely. Ruby was very supportive too and i love her purple hot pants~ Should’ve taken a sexC picture of that!


Brinjal & Eggplant.


Babies – the hardest creature to work with when it comes to cameras.


One last handsome picture of a|x & i.


And last but not least, Happy Birthday Eri! This girl wrote a thank you note on Facebook that made me cry. i never read something written that could bring tears to my eyes before.

The next time you don’t know what to get a friend for his / her birthday, give it a lil’ thought before you ask around, and i’m sure you’ll find something more meaningful than just chocolates and necklaces.


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  1. teary eyes when i was reading this post.. :'(
    thank you so much darling.
    btw, what’s my wish ha!? 😛

    1. so my guess correct or not? 😛

  2. Hehehe wish wish wish…but lastly all presents left with me! Huhuu! Love you sayangs! *muakss!*

    1. that’s y! dah bagi ke belum? lol

  3. Her birthday on the 13th Nov? Same like my daughter’s 🙂

    1. oh izzit? Scorpio like us! hahaha

      1. Cin, did you know that Scorpion ladies are very charming? Its been proven so, most scorpions that I knew were very captivating without even trying too hard! They have a natural charm…serious. My kiddo never fails to get people to turn their heads to look at her hehe…looks like her daddy will have to guard her like diamond when she enters teenage phase haha..

  4. OMG… that’s really sweet.. birthday surprises are usually the best ever!! Makes one feel special and that one has great friends who love and make the effort for that person…

    1. ^^ 10Q kookies~ have u received any birthday surprises?

  5. Haha.. one was few years back when i had to study for an exam
    and my friend came by at 12am with a slice of cake.

    the other one that is the most surprising one was last year when
    my bf flew back from Australia to propose and I thought he went

    1. OMG!!! so sweet T.T i also wan ): *greedy*

  6. I know this is totally unrelated, but check this out Cindy, this weird fella added me. lol


    In case his/her profile is private, you picture is used.

    1. aiyo… scam! hahaha… lantaklah dia. weird weih~

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