iGot an iBerry

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Notice our similarity? Finally we’re both berry users!!

Be it in Malaysia, Spain, or Lebanon (wtf), we can still BBM each other. 🙂

Don’t you think it looks like an iPhone? i call it iBerry (BlackBerry Torch 9800) cuz it has the touch screen features an iPhone has, and also the lovely berry BUTTONS!!! i can’t live without buttons. Now you will never hear me complain about touch screens on Twitter anymore. YAY~

i was one of the lucky 300 who managed to get it for ONLY RM999 instead of RM1799. 8) But sadly, i still have an iPhone contract where i still have to pay 88 a month; when my iPhone is with a bloody THIEF.

Does anyone happen to have an iPhone w/out a plan and lurve my number?

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  1. do you know you can still continue to use the plan with your
    black berry instead of subscribing another new 2 yr contract?

    1. i asked dg already.. i can’t.. it’s complicated.

  2. hey cindy i enjoy your blog / website.nice to see you got a new phone a blackberry too ! your friend beside you ….you make a great couple just thought you would like to know that.take care and have a great day/night !

    1. thanks bill! glad u enjoy reading my blog 🙂

  3. full touch screen & qwerty ftw! OS6 on BB is really snappy too 😀

    1. <3 the phone max! best of both worlds~

  4. Daniel Y.S. Tan on

    haha…yes, I know very well your ‘rantings’ on your lost phone and your praises for the keypads. Congrats on the torch. YaY!

    We should catch-up again lar ‘inside’ DiGi. LOL

    1. hahahah! congrats to us (;

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