5 Things

Here are 5 things gifts that made my week:

1. This lace belt from Dubai


{because i’ve never seen anything like that, nor received anything from the Middle East before. thanks Jackie!}

2. This Uniqlo scarf from Steve


{to keep me warm during my white Christmas trip to Germany – Counting down: 5 days!!! :D}

3. This note (and the CD that came with it)


{because someone secretly burned this great Nightmares on Wax album and slipped it into my bag as a sweet surprise}

4. This music box by Kelvin


{because not only does it reminds me of my favorite childhood toy, it also plays LeeHom Wang’s Forever Love upon winding}

5. This shot i took at a dock back in April


{because it reminds me of En El Muelle de San Blas you once sang to me in English…}


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