Green Vintage

S c r o l l  d o w n . . .





You can get this Green Vintage Dress from The Pop Look, here.

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  1. The photos are amazing…how about the bag? Where to get it?

    1. that one is from a random boutique @ Solaris. lol

  2. I don want that dress I WAN THAT BAG! where ish that bag from? is that your new purchase? mad chio can!

    1. that bag i got it this year CNY wor… from a boutique at Solaris i think. lol!

  3. eh, very nice eh..especially your shoe..:p

    1. haha! thanks~ matching matching

  4. 1st time visit here…nice story su like it….su like post about my friend and all about what i’m doing ..

    1. hi su! glad u like my blog ^_^

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