There’s something about lavender; whether if it’s in the name, scent, or color, that never fails to leave a soothing, calming aura lingering in its audience. This dress that i’m wearing flows so comfortably under my skin – it was almost like it was made of pure lavender with a tickle of chamomile. To balance out the “glamour” maxi dresses endlessly provide, i paired this one with a bag with the most studs i have, and RayBan charm bracelet instead of diamonds. Tip for this season’s transition: pair colors with nude items.










Earrings : GUESS (gift)
Island Maxi Dress : THE POP LOOK
Open Book Ring : PULL & BEAR
Bracelet : THOMAS SABO
Studded Bag : LEWRE


* * *

Here’s a lil’ something for the Mollywood stars out there. If international designer and luxury fashion is your thing, FARFETCH is a hub of a global fashion community that unites independent boutiques around the world with fashion lovers in ONE site. You can shop from any boutique within their network and have your order delivered directly to your door wherever you are in the world.


Here i put together a Classic Hollywood look that i would wear (if i have the chance):


This GORGEOUS Alexander McQueen drape knot dress is a KILLER. Period.


i ‘found’ this gold central sapphire bracelet that is so simple yet out-of-this-world. Just staring at it makes me speechless~


While this, Yves Saint Laurent shoe, is the perfect item to complete the whole red carpet look. Can anybody tell me that this style pieces i put together won’t make heads turn? At the very least, there will definitely be a U-turn! 😈

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  1. Oh gosh I LOVE reading your fashion posts! Lol, its kinda like my guilty pleasure xD

    1. u’re making me blush! hahaha… i hope it made your day, as your comment made mine <3

  2. Why you look so good wearing maxi??? When I wear maxi macam wear baju tidur >.<
    BTW, I love your heel!!

    1. hmm… maybe u’re not wearing the wrong cut? there are many types & the tip is to feel confident in it! if u feel like u’re wearing baju tidur, then the best maxi will still look like baju tidur >.<

  3. agree with cindy comment, Stephanie u should have confident with yourself, just like Cindy, sure U will be nice when wear it again, lol

  4. omg love how you describe the lavender maxi dress! x

  5. Dah lama saya mengikuti penulisan awak… pada saya… walaupun gaya awak agak simple.. tapi penulisan awak memang menarik.. tahiah 🙂

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