The Pretty Loss

i shall let the Monday blues eat into me today. Regardless of how green and ‘refreshing’ this post might seem later, someone stole my beloved iPhone on that day @ The Green Party.



i might be smiling but i wept the whole morning it took me a total of approximately an hour to fix my eye makeup every now and then.


My obvious cacat smile… but life goes on. 🙁

i wasn’t drunk nor tipsy, but i have no idea how i lost it. What i can be sure of, is that it got stolen the night before. i feel so heartbroken writing this. </3

i woke up at 7.30 a.m. to go to the wrecked loo. When i came back, as usual the first thing i do in bed every morn is to read my Twitter timeline. But this time, obviously that couldn’t happen.

a|x tried calling me and “the person you called...” was the sound we heard. At that moment, i was 101% sure someone took my dearest possession because my battery was almost full at 11 p.m. last night. Shame on whoever brought this thief up.

As i was sobbing, a|x tried hard to instill faith in me. He also gave me a list of funny reasons to be comfy about the lost.


This is an eco-friendly party“, he added. i appreciate(d) his positivity and effort in making me feel better, but in my heart i couldn’t help answering “Eco-friendly my ASS! (Most) people here don’t give a shit about the environment; they just wanna get wasted and screw someone“.

Fuck My Life. Before you judge me, i suggest you imagine losing YOUR iPhone regardless you own or do not own one.

At around noon, we went to the waterfall for an icy dip.


Not this one,


Neither this. But something like the above. You get the idea.

i was too afraid to bring my camera along. Don’t wanna risk losing another awesome possession. T__________T


With my star…

i guess there’s a reason for every loss. i heard the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me from a|x. i apologized for waking him up so early in the morning and spoiling his trip as he didn’t sign up for this, and he said:

You can wake me anytime baby, cuz You are my Sun.” What a nice pun…  (‘=


After lunch we lay on the grass and lazed under the sun.


i got some expected tan that i didn’t intend to get.


Goodbye iPhone. i hope whoever owns you now treats you well. 🙁


Watched the guys play football.


i was so stressed i went to look for my friend, ice-cream.


Here’s me with a forced-smile and an old skool cone i found for me & a|x..


Real smile looks like this wtf.


Realized i got long feet.


Then as usual, at the end of every Green Party there will be a tree planting session; which is really nice and thoughtful.


Group picture – i can’t help guessing which one of the above might be using my iPhone now!!! May karma strike you.


Till then, i’m using a friend’s old phone so don’t SMS but call me, as your contacts are in my MacBook instead. Will save ’em once i get a new BlackBerry Torch. Any sponsors?

OR, if you have my phone right now, it is still not too late to return it to me – i will forgive you. If not, i will find and kill you next life.


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  1. all soft focus exploittt 😛

  2. urgh…nowadays, losing hp feels like losing ur frens.. missed the old time when we can go out,carefree wihout hp..

      1. aiyoh..dun feel dat way.. at least u got the replacement..freat one!

  3. aww ,feel sry to hear that your iphone’s been stolen…. so sad
    maybe one of your admire took it already….
    but if u found out who was the stupid guy who stole it and u wanted to kill ‘it’ let me know i support and help u on the kill!!


    1. i need to find out the thief more than kill him / her !

      1. KK anything if u need my help let me know ( including helping u on buthcher Him / Her)

  4. simpati drpd saya, sy tiada iphone, cuma IMac!
    setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya – insya-ALLAH…

  5. Hey Cindy, I thought iPhone has a tracking system? Uses gps or something. Means if you lose it, you’ll still be able to track where it is? Not too sure though. Just thought it might be able to help. 🙂

    Cheer up!

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