The Window

right now i’m feeling like a window.


look, out. that window outside your window.

at times like this, i wish i could be with someone i love; knowing that this person will never leave and that time changes, but moments *as such last forever. fuckin’ cliche.

*i see a girl with soft brown hair sitting by a window.


gloomy. misty. forlorn. such lighting makes her look cold and pale, but imagine a steady camera panning 5 centimeters to your right –

you see a shoulder.

you see a shoulder, and a message saying :

this is a stranger. this stranger is your imaginary friend. an imaginary friend, is yours forever.

i look at myself, but there is no mirror. i can’t see myself and that scares the shit outta me. i’m amazing, i don’t know how i do it.

now look at a window close to you. what do you see. do you see me?

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  1. err.. i see myself? 🙂

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