Hello October


Perhaps it is the age that makes me (double) realize how important it is to acknowledge the fleeting fact that time flies. To counter the matter in an optimistic way, i have decided to put a ‘To Do List’ of 5 things on the first day of each new month. i think this is a great idea as it gives me something to look forward to every week, besides keeping myself inspired throughout the whole year. i’m already feeling all pumped up as October seems to be a season that has a lot of great stuff in store for me! 😀

Beauty Shots

  1. Visit Italy (and snap a picture at the exact same spot where Liz ate gelato in Eat, Pray, Love).
  2. Get addicted to running again, by indulging in new bright attires.
  3. Read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. An apparent must-read this lifetime. (Edit: i’ve finished the book & highly recommend you to.)
  4. Update closet for the ‘W’ part of AW13. Plaids are in right now.
  5. Buy pumpkins and prep the kitchen for Halloween (recipe by my mother and contributing author, ‘Chef’ Moi, coming up 30th October)!


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