Cinga 1: Hello Kitty Mouth


How to Get A Kitten Eat (Sooner) On Her First Day in A New Home.

cat food dish

As promised, here is Cinga’s ‘Picture of the Week’! It is not the best shot, but it is the only one I got from her first brave approach towards the food dish we laid out for her. How getting a cat to eat is even a success, I don’t know. But it sure felt that way.

Cinga came into our home on a late afternoon so I reckoned she skipped lunch. The moment she entered her new space, she scurried away to hide in difficult secret corners we never knew existed. (Now I’ve learned that cats are champions in hide-and-seek.) We took turns carrying her to the food, but fear would conquer her hunger and she would run away again. So, I brought food to her.

I took a small food pallet and placed it right in front of her small, white, cute Hello Kitty mouth. She sniffed it like a rabbit and SHE. ATE. IT. That’s how I fed her; one by one, with each pallet, a step closer to her food dish. Then . . .

She’s at it.

Watching her tiny patters approaching the bowls got my heart racing fast and I wished hard she would eat more. With her tail curled up, she nibbled away noisily; loud but short. My feet, cemented to the floor; afraid that the slightest sound or shadow would make her stop eating and run away again. Of course, that’s what she did in the end. But I was a proud mama.

P.S. If you have any recommendations for automatic food feeders and water fountains (that come with easy maintenance), please let me know! 


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