This is a short post of my Langkawi trip in pictures (full entry tomorrow). i used to struggle finding the right captions for each and every picture i got in a post, but then i ask myself – why? Sometimes, we are the one who set unnecessary rules to make our lives harder. i hope this post brings you simplicity and serenity.






* * *

A new play called White Trash is coming up in a few weeks time and i’m very excited to watch it with a|x together with my girl friends and brother Eugene. Once in a while, it simply feels awesome to go to the theaters instead of cinemas for a change. There’s something about plays that manage to move people internally and make us question certain aspects of life that we’ve been too anal to acknowledge.


White Trash is a play about marriage, grief, and spousal abuse, written by Jody Lancaster who performed around a hundred gigs on the UK stand up circuit. He was even interviewed on BBC radio Sheffield shortly before performing in the BBC new comedy awards! The cast includes Bella Rahim, Michael Chen, and Adeline Ong (i’m sure you would have heard some of these names before if you’re a theater person).


Here are the details of the play:

Venue: Blackbox MAP @ Publika
Dates: 24 – 27 August 2011
Time: 8.30 p.m. (24 – 27 Aug 2011),
Saturday matinee 3 p.m. (27 Aug 2011)
Tickets: RM20 (Adults) / RM15 (students/disabled/elderly)


p/s: there’s an entry by donation (min. RM5) on the 24th of Aug @ 8.30 p.m.
and Saturday’s matinee @ 3 p.m.


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  1. nice photo. have a nice day

    1. have a nice day to you too sweetie (;

  2. thank you and u make my day. lol

    1. u always make mine (:

  3. hope that can be forever, lol, wish have a nice day ahead

  4. dangggg i always admire this type of theater show!

    1. and never got the chance to experience 🙁

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