Krabi : Diary 2


One day, Big Guy said “There’s nothing much to write about a beach vacation”, and i guess he’s not too wrong after all. i had the whole story written in my head when i was in a shower (where situation like this usually happens best), but since i had no paper and pen nor gadgets to type on with my wet hands, the tale got washed away with my detergents.

At first, i was sad. It felt like someone stole my story and wrote it first. Then i figured many people had written stories on beach vacations, and they all sound more or less the same anyway. Hence i decide that allowing my pictures to story tell you what happened in sunny June is not a bad idea after all. A continuation post from this, here i present you:

Krabi Photo Diary #2


{Sunblock loaded, zero makeup morning faces of us in sexc batik}

IMG_8164IMG_8191Krabi 2

{The crazy bumpy boat ride that generated loud, crazy, never ending laughter between us}

Click the partially-transparent circles to be swept away to the respective islands. 8)


{Day 2 was all about our island hopping adventure}


{Lunch break + ice cream treat + chillin’ on an unknown island; which exaggerates our fun and adventure}


{Back to our hotel to relax, get a massage, and freshen up}


{Dinner / supper of grilled fish, roasted chicken and corn, helluva spicy somtam to kickstart another night!}


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