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Today’s post can’t get any more Chinese! On our second last day at Beijing, we visited the Chinatown of China. How Chinese can you get?!


i’ve never seen a Starbucks quite like this. 8)



Boys to Men.


Girls to Women or Ladies or… Cougars.

Now i’m about to share with you the best meal we had throughout the entire 9 days at Beijing, and it was (obviously) not included in our lousy tour group itinerary. Daddy did his research before we went there and found out about this MUST VISIT restaurant to savour the Beijing Roast Duck; how can anyone miss that?


You can definitely find roast duck anywhere in Beijing, but where can you find the BEST? If you trust me, make your way to Chinatown. i SWEAR it was the awesomest roast duck i ever had up to date.


This small cup contains concentrated broth; not soy bean milk or coffee. It fills only half a small cup like this and you can’t ask for more because X number of ducks can only produce X amount of ‘juice’. T_T


This plate of walnut, ain’t any average walnuts. They are lightly seasoned yet so tasty, while the pickles are crunchy and extremely addictive!


The star dish. ✩

After all that stuffing up it was time for jalan-jalan and shopping.


This is how you do a fake fire.

Found two irresistibly adorable puppies :




Mum and dad went to search for this super famous snack as souvenirs :


They come in many flavours (and sizes) :


What did i tell you about SIZES? lol!


Beer for dinner…


(because our dinner was way too awful)


It was in one of such restaurants with these weird “appetizing” things outside :




Impossibly edible?


Before we retired to our hotel, we were given some time to shop;


but for once in my life i’d rather hunt for food instead.


Found Mc Donalds and it’s special purple pie!



It’s oozing yam!


And the most enjoyable part was to ride on the buggies so we don’t have to walk.


That’s how my second last day at Beijing flew by… How do you like my Chinese adventure? 😉

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  1. Your ear rings again !!! Was reading your post and just HAD to scroll back to look at the pictures to get a better look at them ! Loves~ <3

    hehe. Ooh, the roast duck DOES look very tempting !!!!!! 😀

    1. y u love ’em so much! hahaha~ go get those feather earrings! & if only we have the roast duck here…

  2. morning sunshine, you’re making me hungryy roarrr~!! starbucks in canto ‘xing ba hak ka feh’ -_______-“

    1. omg.. a|x calls me sunshine too! 😀

  3. Why they let the snails crawling like that >.< O.O"

    1. that’s y! HAHAHA gross rite? lol~

  4. beijing is one of my fav cities! it’s been some time since my last trip there. your pix just brought me a trip down memory lane 🙂

    1. awww~ u liked it? i don’t fancy it too much, but it was a good experience 😉

  5. Chinatown in China!? x)
    Nice starbucks shop in Chinatown definitely look traditional compared to the usual “mamak” style!

    1. Starbucks got mamak style wan meh? :O

  6. for some reason, i believe we went to the same place coz i remember that big thingy.. dont know what it is called.. did u taste it? taste pretty ugly 😛 and btw.. that oozing yam look like something else 😛

  7. I had that taro pie in ShangHai, taste great.

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