It was one pouring afternoon in 2008 when my eyes first met Marco. Just like a magic trick God casted to the needles of a clock, they twisted and so did our fate. i’ve always thought of him like the rain – you love them but they always seem to happen at the wrong time. In the end, nothing ever happened because you forgot your umbrella.

Marco is a stranger, once a friend. i may have made him sound imaginary, but he’s not. i wish i handled our friendship more gracefully, or at least like an adult; but truth is, i wasn’t one and now we are draught. Draught is worse than rain; there is never a right time for draught. So i decided to visit him today… on Facebook.

i’ve always remembered Marco as a producer / director as he once passed me one of his movies, Ainoa (that won Special Jury Price at the Stodhary Film Festival), but i forgot that he is also a writer! i clicked on his site and under Writing Chamber, i found poems that i wanted to steal. The sweetest original line i ever read goes like this :

i’ll hurt you with caring because i do care

i may be a dreamer a strawberry man

but each time you loose me i’ll find you again

Directors and writers are strangers, but they create you new friends who live in books and films. i believe every piece of good art should be shared, enjoyed, admired, and appreciated by everyone. Therefor, i think you will like this site. There are beautiful poems, pictures that whisper secrets, and funny commercials shot around the World.

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Off to a great start!

  2. I am loving the new layout!! 🙂

    1. glad u love it as much as i do ^^

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