25 pieces of love

Before a|x left to Spain for Easter, i decided to make him a little something to remember me by. If there is something i’m weak at, it has got to be goodbyes. But somehow, this tiny fella made me believe that he carried a piece of me with him onto that plane. 🙂


Making this gift was an enjoyable process. It was like going back to being 10 and attending art class. All i needed was :


  • gel pens
  • a meter of red ribbon
  • a plain puzzle


i usually buy my D.I.Y craft stuff from Daisou; including this cute puzzle.


Write, draw, or paint anything you want on your new clean canvas. i would say have fun and be creative with it, but i decided to keep it clean and simple for mine. Less is more, don’t you think? 😉


Un-solve the puzzle,


Get a skinny red ribbon,


And secure the scrambled pieces together with a neat red bow.


And there you have it! Whether it is for birthdays, Mothers Day, or even Easter; don’t worry if you’re running out of ideas or low on cash. This fun-packed gift is perfect for kids, or even your grandparents. Just imagine the smile on their faces when they fixed the jigsaw… You’ll be amazed how such a small gift can bring tones of happiness to someone you love. 😀

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  1. Omg chomellll~! So creative wan! Nak jugak!

  2. Nice n creative ^^
    I gonna try it next time..
    but is hard for me to went Daiso.. >__<

    1. why leh? they have a few branches in Klang Valley 😉

  3. Excellent idea !
    Love the fact that its really this little things that we do that bring the biggest smile onto their face.
    Its not about that expensive gift really

    1. it really is not (: it’s very simple to do too!

  4. great idea ~ I also want to do .. so kiut .. <3

  5. wow simple is definitely more 🙂

    1. thought so too ^.^

  6. oops I meant “simple and less” 😛

  7. the puzzle is a great part ah.. can write/draw own message/drawings!

    1. ya man! what would u write? i’m sure it’ll turn out hilarious!

  8. kreatif! hmm sekarang saya tahu apa nak beri for my gf! thanks cindy!

    1. haha! u’re welcome amy~ glad u found a gift for your gf! 😀

  9. where do you get the plain puzzle set?

  10. Ooooh! Now I know how I’m going to divorce that Philipino girl I accidentally married in vegas!

  11. Nice one wei.. 🙂 Good tips for me! hehe!

  12. you gave me an amazing idea to work on my own dying LDR 🙂

    1. don’t say dying! hmm… glad i ‘helped’ 🙂

  13. can i know where is Daisou?

    1. U can find one in The Curve. i think Pyramid has it too, amongst many other malls!

      1. Thanks for the information 🙂

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