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Surprise birthday parties are fun things to throw when planned well and ahead. The journey pleasant, and the results rewarding. However, when done last minute it could be the most regrettable, havoc nightmare. Hence, i’ve decided to come out with a basic organized plan that i can use annually. Some may like to do it on paper, but as i am always on the go, i made use of my iNotes and iCal app. You could use my plan below as a guide, or simply follow it exactly to plan your own surprise birthday party. 🙂

Since Big Guy has celebrated many birthdays BIG, i decided to go for a close-knit intimate dinner with only his closest friends invited. As we had some Muslim guests over, i opted for a halal restaurant and went for the theme: Balinese Bliss.

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Make a To-Do-List in sections, and put a date besides items that require deadlines.

To Do

In a calendar, divide items from your list according to dates given and color code them. i.e. As i have 3 main parts to my party plan, i used red for The Wishing CD, blue for The Winning Cake Surprise Birthday Party, and green for the Gift + Card.


PART 1: PAST 12 A.M.


The Wishing CD, as i call it, is a video compilation of short clips. It could be 5 seconds or 5 minutes each, wishing someone “Happy Birthday”. i presented this to Big Guy at 12 midnight (through my iGadget because wherever we might be, we most probably won’t be able to play a CD) as it also meant that everyone that mattered actually sends him their best wishes at the same time!

i think this is one of the best gift suggestions especially if the birthday person has many friends and family abroad. Make a list of the person’s closest friends. Send them a message about your idea, and hope that most of them are up for it! i The trick is to work backwards because such is a project that involves many. People might be busy with their schedules and you don’t want to appear pushy. This is what i managed to pull:




No birthday is complete without a gift accompanied by a birthday card. Try to make one yourself. It doesn’t matter if it is not as pretty as Hallmark’s. What matters more is the message you write inside . . . 😳




Having a freshly baked, delicious cake is equally as important as having a beautiful one. You could either bake, or order one. i got mine personalized from Wondermilk in Electric Luau, colors inspired by Big Guy’s racing motorbike. Since i noticed that my guests have pretty hot bods (ehem!), i opt for a cake with less cream / icing used as decoration. Instead, i used ‘the golden cup’ found in a party shop . . .

i find the trophy to be one of the most universal / handy cake deco ideas. It can be used for Father’s Day, a simple ‘Best Boss Ever’ gesture, and of course, birthdays. To kill two birds with one stone, i chose a cup design where guests can place their wishes inside; which makes it a tad more meaningful. i wrote mine and hung it like a flag. 😀

1st 41st

You may add some theme related deco if you like, but do not clutter. Place the trophy on top, and there you have your ‘winning’ cake! You might have to do this at the restaurant, so remember to let the staffs there know your plan beforehand. Leave the dining table just before your guests finish their dinner, and ‘excuse yourself to the washroom’.


The Surprise Dinner Party:

Book your venue early, make a budget, and put together a nice menu.

Although entirely optional, a good party includes pre, during, and post plans / updates. Once you’ve created your Facebook event inviting your guests, try to post some fun inspirations on What to Wear, tips or reminders; to build excitement all the way up to the big day. Avoid spamming.

Examples i’ve created:

Recently UpdatedRecently Updated1

{Outfit inspirations for female (and male) guests}

Recently Updated2

{Party reminders a day before the event}

For the celebration, bring a camera to capture beautiful moments and the lovely details you’ve created. Try to post them a day or two after the celebration so that you don’t keep your guests waiting for too long, and remember to thank everyone; including those who contributed to the video making.

Some beautiful moments we captured:


{Me and gorgeous Irina}


{Birthday boy surrounded by ladies in white}


{Cooperative boys who wear a dash of white; be it their top or bottom}


{Final #groupicture}


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