Rosemary Placement Cards


This year i hosted a Christmas dinner for the very first time and the process was definitely a thrill. Prep-ping for the one night only event started as early as November, when i created a new board on Pinterest specially just for Christmas; pinning every tiny detail that i wanted to include for our guests. After gathering much inspirations, we decided to go with the theme ‘rosemary rustic‘. This little project is one of the many that i really like, because it is proof that DIY can be as easy as 1 2 3. Basic stuff, simple steps, just a few minutes to make each of your guests feel special this holiday season. Here’s how to:


Items you need: Rosemary, white textured cards, hole punch, clear tape, a good pen.


Write names on cards. You may use a stencil.


Carefully, punch a hole on each card.


Insert a stalk of rosemary into hole, length depending on card size.


Tape the back to secure.


Your guests’ personalized placement cards are ready to greet them at their table! 😀


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