Christmas Gift Ideas (for Him)


Christmas Gifts for The Man in Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2016

I personally believe that if a woman would buy gift(s) for a man, he is most likely someone important in her life; i.e. her father, brother, boyfriend or husband. It makes sense; because most of the really cool guys’ gifts are expensive. Since it is hard to escape that fact, why not invest in something more unique or life changing rather than another leather wallet or bottle of perfume? Here is a list of 10 less-heard-of awesome gift ideas you might sometimes want to steal from him! (The first 4 are under RM 100, which make them suitable for your male colleagues or guy friends too.)


1. ACCA KAPPA Styling Fine Coarse Teeth comb, RM 26

What it is: Established since 1869, ACCA KAPPA soon became one of the finest brush manufacturers in Europe. Each comb is exclusively made in Italy, designed to prevent damage to hair structure and scalp. I recently got one for É and he’s loving it.

Ideal for: Colleague / guy friend / boyfriend or husband / brother or father.

Get the affordable quality comb that comes with 147 years of design experience.


2. Eugizmo MoGrip I Car Vent Magnetic Mobile Mount, RM 45

What it is: Know someone who holds his phone while using GPS (and driving!) or owns a crooked phone holder in his car? This is a universal air vent mount stand that pairs with an ultra-thin, easy to stick metal plate for any phone, compatible with any car.

Ideal for: Colleague / guy friend / boyfriend or husband / brother or father.

Get the practical gift that matters.


3. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100, RM 80

What it is: One shaver that comes with FIVE attachments for complete trimming and styling of facial hair! Comes with skin-friendly, high performance blades.

Ideal for: Colleague / guy friend / boyfriend or husband / brother or father. (Because its price is so competitive, it makes for an ideal gift for all.)

He will forever thank you for this genius invention.


4. Classic Lokai bracelet, RM 85.58

What it is: A bracelet infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on earth (the white bead carries water from Mt. Everest and the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea), as a reminder for him to find balance – staying humble during life’s peaks and hopeful during its lows.

Ideal for: Anyone with style – colleague / guy friend / boyfriend or husband / brother.

Begin the balance movement.


5. BOSCH IXO 3 Screwdriver + Wine Corkscrew, RM 258

What it is: Opening wine bottles and popping corks will be a breeze, as long as this life saviour is in one’s home. It also doubles as an electric screwdriver that provides perfect screwdriving at every angle. Another invention É and I love.

Ideal for: Wine lovers – a great boss / boyfriend or husband / brother or father. A halal gift for the non-halal peeps. 

Get him the practical gift invented for life.


6. Timbuk2 Uptown Travel Backpack, RM 396 

What it is: The go-to laptop backpack traveler, all the way from San Francisco. Perfect for men who travel for work a lot, and rather not carry more than a laptop backpack. Opens up to lay flat on its way through airport security.

Ideal for: Boyfriend or husband / brother or father.

Get him his dream bag that is built to last a lifetime.


7. Up3 by Jawbone, RM 432

What it is: A lightweight and stylish fitness tracker that won close to 100 awards internationally! Tracks sleep, activities, heart health and even comes with food logging.

Ideal for: Boyfriend or husband / brother or father.

Buy it for what it does. Wear it for what it looks.

P.S. Also featured under ‘for her‘. 


8. UPRIGHT posture device, RM 446 (on 30% discount now!)

What it is: A wearable technology that trains you to sit upright within a short term for lasting results, as it builds your muscle memory and core strength. Comes with an app.

Ideal for: Anyone with a 9 to 6 lifestyle – A great boss / boyfriend or husband / brother or father.

Give the gift of good posture this holiday season.

P.S. Also featured under ‘for her‘. 


9. RayBan Aviator, RM 479 (now 45% OFF on Zalora!)

What it is: Guess I don’t have to explain what this iconic piece from Top Gun is! This foldable version has been reinvented into a folding design, making it even more practical, stylish and functional.

Ideal for: Boyfriend or husband / brother.

Get his Tom Cruise on.


10. JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, RM 700

What it is: Its name says it all – a splash-proof portable speaker with high-capacity battery to even charge your devices! This item is something my brother, É and I can’t live without. (We really fancy the one in blue.)

Ideal for: Boyfriend or husband / brother.

Listen wirelessly. Charge endlessly.


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