Christmas Gifts


There are 12 days of Christmas so if there are some friends’ gift you missed buying, there’s a saying that goes better late than never! The act of gifting is a great way to show someone that they matter enough to be remembered. The art of gifting is when you put a thought behind it. This Christmas is one where i gave and received most presents. The best part is that each of them has a story to tell about why they choose what they bought. Here are the Top 10 gifts you might wanna consider buying (if not for friends, maybe for yourself!). 😛

1. Victoria’s Secret Dark Orchid gorgeous gift set from Big Guy.

2. Panasonic pore cleanser; which i’ve always wanted to add to my ‘Panasonic Beauty’ collection, also from Big.

3. Festive bracelets from mum.

4. Tupperware from mum in my favorite color!

5. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meal cookbook from Ralf.

6. Book vouchers from Big Guy – smart one!

7. Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert from Mr. Button.

8. Blush! silk slip from Big.

9. Gorgeous maxi dress from dad; which i can’t wait to wear.

10. Hersey’s Kisses from aunt.


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