Rosemerry Christmas : Deco Edition


As far as the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” goes, i’ve decided to update this blog with festive inspirations up till 5th January 2014. (From 1st to 5th January i will be updating daily.) The traditional Christmas dinner we organized was big and serious, packed with all the tiny details you may or may not think of; which tied the whole “Rustic Rosemary” theme together beautifully, hence i would love to feature them for all its worth.

In the midst of busy preps, crazy shopping, and exhausting the kitchen, i am glad that i was dedicated to steal time in between to capture the whole process of how it all came together. Not just bringing the event to life, but how we added the magic touch without Santa’s help, nor Fairy Godmother’s wand.

i’ve compiled two editions: deco and food, starting with the first to keep you entertained. This one promises every detail of our Christmas decorations this year – from dining tables, Christmas tree, gift wrapping, and even something special for the kid. Welcome, to our “Rosemerry Christmas“; a late but absolutely sincere invitation which i’d love to believe still counts, because the Christmas spirit still lives within us. 😳


Starting with the main Christmas table (we have two to accommodate 14 guests), here are the list of things you need, should you wish to organize a similar one in future or basically just any rustic themed dinner. Items you need:

  • potted rosemary
  • nuts with their shells on
  • assorted candles
  • Christmas hats and socks
  • Christmas lights (plenty, to line the tables)
  • white table cloth
  • glass bottles
  • Christmas figurines
  • placement cards (tutorial here)


{End result : Table #1}


Our second table was the star of the night. Umbrellaed under a huge lamp festively ornamented, this is the table for my family. We call it, The VIP Table.


{A fun trick for kids to keep track of what they eat, ticking off their list while waiting for Christmas presents time to arrive!}


{End result : Table #2}


The tree was one of the biggest challenges headaches we had. Big Guy and i were contemplating back and forth if we should get a real tree from IKEA (but it’d break my heart to throw it away), a fake tree (we would have no storage space after), or nothing at all (that wouldn’t be nice). In the end, we decided to settle with something economical, and eco-friendly. Introducing, the Eco Tree. Items you need:

  • minimal Christmas deco, as shown above
  • bench, shown below
  • gifts*


*We got our guests a gift or two each; which i insisted upon a uniformed wrapping themed “Rustic Rosemary”, to be piled on the wooden bench, under our ‘tree’.


{Our Christmas tree crowded with our gifts, and Julian boy’s in red}


That’s all for now! Stay tuned and visit everyday starting 1st to 5th January, for daily Christmas updates; keeping you inspired this holiday season. 😀


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