Lacquered Gold


i was awakened by the emptiness of the bed i was slumbering in. i looked around the room and noticed she was gone. Every little detail of the decorated space is obviously personalized and speaks strongly about her lovely character; which i admire and adore ceaselessly. She’s my best friend, my soul mate, my favorite gift from God i ever received.

i opened my reluctant lids and was amused by their ability to gain so much weight overnight. Heavy and lazy, they slowly ajar; revealing to my eyes a brand new day (or should i say world) enlightened by shimmering sparkles from the strong but friendly sun of Brisbane city. It is no wonder they literally name Queensland as ‘sunshine state’. i mean, look at it:


The view across Ai Rene’s chamber took my breath away. Still idling in her cosy bed i allowed myself to take it all in. It looked exactly like a perfect summer painting – layers of fluffy clouds creating a 3D effect, old dark green trees swooshing their leaves trying to tell a hundred stories; sprawling across an endless grass field that houses such natural state of contentment and happiness.

i wondered deep inside how long this will last and if happiness lasts forever; even when it is a resumable state of feeling everyone’s flighting for.


So i finally crawled out of bed to do my a.m. routine. Apparently, even entering her bathroom is like a dream – fresh flowers, lavender scented candles, turquoise blocks of homemade soaps stacked inside huge glass jars of all shapes and sizes, valentine heart lights dangling at the side of a wide mirror, a vintage basket of mini books by the toilet; which i could just so imagine her getting all excited about it at the flea market. i decided to adorn an all-white slip dress and a simple crystal pendant as a punch of full stop without messing around too much with my outfit. The day was one too beautiful to waste.

i grabbed my camera and sat down by the balcony, basking in the heat. It is an action very unlike me, but i love Mr. Sun from Australia. He is faithfully being accompanied by the wind; slow, consistent, and steady. i struggled to work on her boyfriend, Huseyin’s laptop, trying to blog at least a little bit, but was seduced endlessly by the live scene right in front of me. The desktop never looked so unappetizing to me.

A couple of hours passed by seamlessly then i heard the key hole clicked, and i jumped happily with a start. We greeted each other with our ol’ funny ways like we used to, nibbled some passionfruit cookies, and laid-off the hot afternoon on rustic furnitures at the picturesque balcony talking about everything . . . under the sun.


i don’t remember what we laughed about, but i remember how it sounds like . . . our laughter, captured in that precious unforgettable moment lacquered gold, shared between two best friends; a friendship that taught me the meaning of forever.

i miss you, soul sister.

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