A Rosemerry Celebration


i usually don’t blog about events unless they are paid advertorials, but seeing posts after posts about our Rosemary Christmas preparation, decorations, and recipes, really – how can i skip the event itself? This last Christmas post of mine is about the people and fun moments. We had a pretty diverse clique, and they are all very pretty indeed! Starting with a very pictorial introduction of our handsome, beautiful (and even cute) guests:


{Family <3}

Food moments:


{When Ralf creamed his pants with brownies}

Reaction of our guests when Santa’s little helper gave out presents:


{Mr. Button wearing his ‘lucky’ New Year boxers with a print i specially chose for him 😆 }

We got Santa’s little helper a Ferrari:


{Big and small doses of chillin’}

More crazy moments:


And that concludes Christmas 2013. 😉


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