2014 New Year’s Resolution


Though setting new year’s resolution might seem a bit overrated and its success rate highly debatable, i personally keep a new list of 10 every year with the goal to achieve at least 70% of them (it is okay to move a few items to the next year). NYR should be stress free while still containing elements of fun because if you make it all too serious, you are missing the whole point.

The nature of NYR should be about bringing awareness, achieving hidden dreams, and self improvement; be it something big, or small. This year i’m touching a few different areas in life with hope to elevate them, such as: adding some sparks to relationships that are worth cherishing, taking a more passionate route in my career path, set a more specific goal in terms of health / improving a beauty condition, sharpening a new skill besides learning a whole new one, and of course  – – –  feed the eternally hungry wanderlust that annually consumes my soul.

What is your new year’s resolution this year?


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