5 Cinspirations


Is It Too Soon to Say I’m Happy?

happiness –
it is easy to disappear
into your own mind
into their troubles
– fleeting.
so seek it –
within things
with friends
in food
– at places.
don’t –
force it
rely on another
– need permission.
find it –
like these first 5 cinspirations
–  in 2018.

1. within things – this lost bear sitting on the fence


{for adding a slice of amusement to an otherwise routined walk around the neighbourhood}

2. with friends – coincidentally twinning in mandarin and olive


{and the beginning of poteytoh, which needs some love, so please subscribe to support}

3. in food – cooked my first Tunisian dish with flying colors


{succeeding an old recipe learned from É’s brother-in-law’s mother last Christmas}

4. at places – the Rotunda Library


{discovering The Grand Old Rotunda Library which once used to be part of the Supreme Court, now a new addition to National Gallery Singapore. thank you, studioMilou}

5. my name – you can make you happy


{finally monogrammed onto my handsome TUMI 19 degree luggage, completing the missing puzzle piece}

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