Vienna In 1 Day

Vienna in One Day

If one can do Paris in one day, one can definitely do Vienna (Wien) in 24 hours too. No rush, just chill – proven by travel agencies and yours truly; after giving it a go at experiencing it myself.

The best way to truly see, feel and taste the real Wien is by walking. All main attractions in this imperial city are easily reachable by foot in a breeze around Stephanplatz. If you’d like to be a smart traveler, take my advise and do not waste your money on hop on-hop off buses (I did and burnt it after all).

What to Love About Vienna


The caucasian version of Singapore in my eyes, Vienna is elegant, safe and clean but with a perfect balance between old and new culture, people and architecture. You’d be surprised to feel relaxed in such a grand city that is so accessible. Perfect for solo female travelers, couples who enjoy exploring cafes, and music lovers of all ages. If you ever dream of what it’s like to live in Europe, try Vienna.




Vienna at A Glance:

– Bundesgarten
– Hofburg Imperial Palace
– Spanischen Hofreitschule (Spanish Riding School)
– Café Aida
– Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church)
– Ankeruhr (Anchor Clock)
– St. Stephan’s Catheral
– Pestsäule (Plague Column)
– Kaffee Alt Wien
– Manner Shop
– Figlmüller Wien (food)
– Classical musical concert
– Cabaret Fledermaus


9 a.m. Breakfast / Coffee 


{Why not tuck in a good book too if you feel like it?}


10.30 A.M. A leisure stroll through Bundesgarten to Hofburg Imperial Palace.

1. Bundesgarten 



2. Hofburg Imperial Palace



11 A.M. Watch the snow-white stallions at The Spanish Riding School 

3. Spanischen Hofreitschule 


I opted not to watch this thinking, “If I am in Wien – why would I want to watch a Spanish show?”. So personally, I chose to spend my money on sipping more coffee and people watching.


 {Watching brown horses will do}


12 noon. Lunch break at the famous: 

4. Café Aida


I remember spooning teaspoons of this foamy delight into my mouth under the basking sun while talking to É on the phone, whom I just met back then, complaining much about my broken camera. Coffee was my lunch because I used my eating time to get my lens problem sorted*; which I failed. But it taught me one fair lesson.

*I legged it from one camera shop to another, searching for a second hand lens as replacement. Bought one the size of a machine gun that got me more looks and compliments than my bright red dress (similar here and here) for about a heartbreaking RM700, before I learned from my phone conversation with É that switching to manual mode would work just as well. So I went back to the shop praying hard to get a refund and guess what?

Kindly, they did. (Perhaps only in Wien?)


{The one picture taken with my machine gun lens, which was mine for only an hour}

So if anyone tells you that the Viennese are arrogant, try socializing around for a bit and share your side of the story.

The tale that people in ‪Austria aren’t friendly in some magical way didn’t apply to me. I met the most interesting, honest and helpful people here which made my short stay memorably sweet. They are just normal people minding their own business and spend no time tolerating bs. But if you smile at them, they smile back. If you ask for directions, they tell you. If you ask for help, they will help you if they can.


2 p.m. Taking advantage of the iconic turquoise landmark. 

5. Peterskirche a.k.a St. Peter’s Church 



A 5 minutes walk turned half an hour when I lost my way en route to: 

6. Ankeruhr (Anchor Clock), the giant musical clock


Just like how many things happen for a reason, my tardiness brought me on time to watch the giant city clock chime its mechanical heart out for the magnificent musical city it lives in.


3.30 p.m. Completely awed by the monumental gothic beauty that is: 

7. St. Stephan’s Catheral  



8. Pestsäule (Plague Column) 

The Golden Triangle

A 17th Century monument built to honor the survivors of the plague. To those who don’t know, half of the European population died of the bubonic plague a.k.a. the black plague.


My OOTD was inspired by the blend of new and old elements of Wien city, just like my new little red dress, paired with vintage chunky gold accessories (similar here and the skinny version here ala Cartier).


4.30 p.m. On a mission to dismiss navigation and allow the city lead me where it wants to. 



9. Kaffee Alt Wien 


Italians might be famous for their excellent coffee but the Viennese too, have something to boast about: The wide variety of unique, wonderful cafés their city has to offer. i.e.


This cosy artsy café with (unexpected) touch screen toilet flush buttons:


{I simply HAD to take a picture of it}



5.30 p.m. Souvenir shopping at:

10. Manner 


Famous for the original Neapolitan wafers – a classic, best selling product that has become a symbol of Wien. (A must-buy)


6 p.m. Dinner time: Searching for the best Schnitzel!

11. Figlmüller Wien


{Die Heimat des Schnitzels – The home of the Schnitzel for more than 100 years}


Have my word that this spacious restaurant is no where near empty; I was just lucky or should I say quick enough to snap a picture of the interior before people flooded in.


Figlmüller-Schnitzel, served with potato-field salad in Styrian pumpkin seed oil, accompanied by a glass of tasty Welschriesling wine.


To go to the washroom, request for the key from any of waiters and you will find it located outside.


7 p.m. Getting ready for the: 

12. Classical musical concert


Wien is dubbed ‘City of Music’ for a reason. One may can skip the Spanish horse, but one must add the musical concert into their list of experiences.

There is no need to drive into a frenzy on the selecting or booking process. You will find a dense competition around Stephanplatz offering different musicals showing at different theaters at a wide range of prices; depending on the seats you choose. Hence I’m leaving #12’s title for you to select what’s best.


10 p.m. Party and drinks at: 

13. Cabaret Fledermaus 


Spot the zig zag arrow in pink and black?

It is a fun club with an old cabaret stage, spinning songs from disco, indie, soul and funk you can not miss!


Amazingly affordable: I don’t remember how much I spent in a day but I do remember only spending on 3 coffees, 2 meals, 1 Manner chocolate waffle and a ticket to watch the opera; which explains why I intentionally didn’t waste time to create an accounting sheet for Wien.

Should you have an extra day here, make sure to check out these places below.

Vienna with More Time:

– Opera House
– Historical Museum of Art
– Parliament Building
– Town Hall
– Hof Theatre
– Votive Church
– Maria Teresa Square


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