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Sapporo is well celebrated for its winter holidays; where one can have one helluva ski experience or watch the drift ice phenomenon at Okhotsk Sea. It’s December and “winter is coming”! If you are looking forward to plan a holiday this Christmas season, may I suggest Hokkaido; where there is so much to love – peaceful shrines protecting hush-hush wishes, a gigantic chocolate factory housing a land of fairytales, and not to forget, a mysterious yet relaxing clock tower tour for you to unwind after it all. This final travel photo diary on Hokkaido features 5 places to visit Sapporo in 1 day.

1. Hokkaido Shrine


Christmas or not, anytime is a good time to make a wish! A visit to Hokkaido Shrine is really fun, especially if your like this kinda stuff:


{Clap 3 times, make a wish, and throw a coin}


{Depending on your preferred language, pick a box. Mine was English}


{Pay 100 yen}


{Pick a written oracle}


{I got a really positive one!}


{If you get a bad one, it’s okay. Just tie it to this wooden structure, where all the other wishes take shelter}


{I hope you don’t mind, that I was just posing to explain this holy sequel}


{You can also purchase these small wooden boards to write your wishes down}


{Origami earrings from The Land of Bedtime Stories}


{With these two unique girls with beautiful names, Qastury and Shea}

2. Shiroi Koibito Park


This chocolate factory visit is a MUST when in Hokkaido. Kids, old folks, a lover by your side  . . . You can’t go wrong with this spot in your itinerary. Here’s a look why:


{Shinning Shrine fashion post here}

A visit into the factory:


{Lunch @ Tsuruga}

3. (Former) Hokkaido Government Building 


If you have time, a quick trip into this grandiose building to admire the architecture of it (in and out) is recommended. Even if it’s just to take wallpaper-material-pictures with it as beautiful backdrop:


4. Daimaru Stellar Place shopping mall


{Obviously, I must change my shoes to shop more effectively}

Every girl I know loves shopping in Japan; be it cosmetics, fashion, or just any cute stuff. This mall not only carries most brands you’re after; it is also Muslim friendly. There is a prayers’ room, and also a Global Blue counter for your tax free claims.

5. Sapporo Clock Tower


It’s nice to get lost once in a while if the setting is mysterious, magical or at least, not stressful. I took a quick tour, which stairs led me up to this TV / clock tower and I came out all smiley:


{Much to know about clocks}


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AirAsia X is the ONLY airline that flies directly from Kuala Lumpur to Sapporo, offering x8 weekly flights. Book your flight here for a fresh, new Christmas adventure this December!  


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