Macau Eating Guide


Most of us sees Macau as the second bird you kill using the first stone, with Hong Kong being the primary bird; which means most of us also spend 70% of the days traveling Hong Kong, leaving Macau with only 30%.

Here’s the truth from my perspective – it is better to do it the other way round; even if that means there’s nothing left to do in Macau anymore. But somehow, that is simply a decision you won’t do – including myself.

With so little time yet so much to see, what should foodies attack in Macau? Here I narrow down the Top 3 eats I find worthy of trying if you have 1.5 days there, like us:

1. Chan Kong Kei Restaurant / Casa de Pasto


{No, it is not a temple}


{Menu on the wall}


{Super tasty but with very little meat and a lot of rice}

19 Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose LoboMacauChina.

2. Seng Cheong Restaurant 


{If you are taking the flight back from Macau instead of Hong Kong, you could try this famous restaurant as it is a short drive out of the heart of Macau city center, on the way to the airport}


{I only recommend this because it is a convenient option for most – when involved in the mentioned situation above. This bowl of signature crab porridge offers: a HUGE amount of porridge, and almost close to no crabs}


28-30 Rua da Cunha | Taipa IslandMacauChina.

3. Margaret’s Café de Nata


{This one, you can not miss. There will ALWAYS be a queue so if you are in a hurry, go earlier}


{My cousin and I saved this visit as our last, as we wanted to buy these babies home in their freshest state for our loved ones. Sheau Torng lost her whole box of a dozen  somehow; which was very devastating. If that ever occur to you or if you simply don’t have enough time to buy them from Aunt Margaret, try Kok Kei bakery. They have branches almost everywhere}


{100%. Period}

17B, Goldlion building, Rua do Comandante Mata e OliveiraMacauChina 
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