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It is one of those weeks where the more you sleep the more you need, the more you do the less you live; so bad it reaches a point where you start wondering what’s life all about or in other words, questioning your very existence in this world.

It was a week where even 5 Cinspirations don’t work anymore, hence there was no post of that sort; if you haven’t notice its disappearance (despite the lack of forthcoming blog updates). If every happening resembles earth’s plate tectonic, my life would be an earthquake and I, an ant lost in between its seismic movements.

This is when one would start longing for a dream getaway to escape, to isolate; in order to come back full again. We are all allowed to day dream, and what’s better when you actually get to earn one by writing it out loud?


If you feel what I feel, WE deserve a holiday. Login to Traveloka via FB or email HERE, pick a destination from the site to dream about, then write and share about your selection at your social media channels for a chance to win a lucky getaway!

Win Traveloka vouchers worth USD500!

– There will be 1 weekly winner
– 5 finalists will be selected from these weekly winners
– From the 5 finalists, 1 will be selected as the Grand Prize winner at the end of the contest

Say goodbye to hustle bustle, and get your lucky on this Rafflecopter!


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