V 3.0

If you’re wondering what this post is about,


it’s about the Green Party Version 3.0! That explains the beekeenee peek-a-boo too. 🙂


In the bus.

This was supposed to be my ideal trip – with my favourite guy and girl in the World (!) on my left and right. But Ai Rene fell sick the day she arrived from Australia, hence couldn’t make it.

Was i heartbroken? Yes. i purposely forgot to bring my iPod and book as i reckon we girls would have heaps to catchup on! But a|x brought both :


A book in Spanish which i couldn’t even read, and an iPod which i later found out he brought along when we reached home, because he never offered to lend me when i was dying of boredom. 🙁

Then the bus broke down.


By heart, i think we were counting cars for an hour or two. i had to walk a loonnngggg waaaaay alone to ‘borrow’ the loo, and a siao hum sup Malay guy stalked + offered to give me a ride on his bike.

SERIOUSLY DUDE?!  GO AWAY!!  -__________-“

Then we learned that the bus’s air conditioning couldn’t be fixed, so we had to open the roof for ventilation.


But it rained so we had to kill our only source of oxygen =.=”

For hours i was feelin’ so hot. sticky. suffocated. hungry. tired. bored. sleepy. But i could do nothing but wait. i’m not exaggerating, but i literally felt like i would throw up or pass out anytime.


Even the existence of handsome and funny Alvaro couldn’t help make the situation better. Everybody was *&^%$#@~!

Thank God we were in time to catch the 5.30 ferry. Here’s when the journey slowly began :





Chris | Humbert | Alx


My humming bird.


Pangkor Island here we come!!! 8)

Actually it was raining cats and dogs. But the ferry ride was definitely more fun than the stupid bus; even when we had to stand under the rain.


Rode an old ghetto bus to Kem Rimba Resort.


After a warm welcome and checkin’ in, dinner was finally served. Yay… my 1st grub of the day was at 7.30 WTF


Can’t help but to highlight the SKOL word. LOL


BBQ & chips for 2nd round dinner. 😀


The Best Beer they say. i like it! <3

After dinner it was PARTY TIME~! Thank God when the beer got into my system i started to have lots of PURE FUN :


Me | Gay | Ann | & their water guns – This middle lady was laughing so hard i could feel my boobs vibrating.


Sexc pouts~ Muuaaahhhh!


i told this guy i have to take a picture with him because he looks a bit like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. Don’t you think?


Instead of break dance, we have a dance break as it’s Capoeira Show Time.


It was my first time watching the Capoeira and i was amazed – the underlined word ‘Capoeira’ is clickable, so click it if you wanna know more about it. In short, it is a dance masking martial art.


Some peeps played the Limbo afterwords with a broom. i wish i had a more flexible vertebrate and stronger abs muscles. >.<


Last but not least, look what we ladies found! A handsome young Latino who’s Single. Who wants a piece of him? \Ha Ha/

More Green Party posts comin’ up throughout this week – Definitely gotta stay tune cuz the party has just started! 😉

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  1. last I went to pangkor i think i was like, 12?

    1. the 1st time i went i din even go to the beach T.T

  2. i love your skin complexion. *______*

    1. *shy thank q… #>.<#

  3. Never been to Pangkor ! And oh mannn, that bus trip? Talk about disaster >..< Aikzzz~

    Oh, but you're so right ! The guy DOES look a wee bit like Marshall. And tw, HIMYM is super the AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE :DDDDD

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