Maldives under RM3500 & What to Expect


A 4 Days 3 Nights Maldives Itinerary

Maldives Adaaran Vaadhoo

Now that you know the unsaid truths about Maldives, you can make your own judgements as to whether it deserves to be one of the ‘best beach vacations’ worldwide. If you would still love to visit and tick it off your travel list, then this post would be perfect as it breaks down the cost of a 4 days 3 nights vacation. So, how expensive is Maldives? Here’s how you know what to expect for each dollar spent, per person.



1. Kaani Lodge (NOT recommended, but just to give you an idea)


We spent a night in Malé; not because it is the capital, special or anything, but only because we arrived late at night and the last ferries leaving from the airport to every other island (except to Malé) stop operating around 7 p.m. If you too, happen to take a night flight because it is cheaper, a ‘basic’ hotel costs around USD 64 for two.

Cost (per night): USD 32

2. Crystal Sands Beach Hotel

Crystal Sands Beach Hotel

Once we got to Maafushi (an island you can finish walking in 15 minutes), everything slowly started to look more like paradise. Our hotel was no 5-star property, but definitely a cheerful pick for someone looking for somewhere nice, clean and affordable.

Crystal Sands Beach Hotel Maldives

{A surprise from the hotel for my 30th birthday in Maldives}

Maldivian breakfast

Breakfast included: Our 3-day Maafushian spread looked pretty much like this. The more special item from their everyday selections is Mas Huni, a typical Maldivian breakfast made with tuna and coconut, eaten with chapati. If you’re wondering, it’s delicious.

Cost (2 nights): USD 165


Maldiives food

All our meals were consumed at hotels because honestly, there weren’t any better dining options around. What amazed me about this meal was how they butterflied the fish to make it boneless. Unfortunately it was dry, day in and day out.

Cost (all meals): USD 40



Maldives public ferry ticket

The two forms of transportation we used were a taxi (from Kaani Lodge to Villingili ferry terminal, which is where you should go if you are going to Maafushi) and ferries. I strongly advise you to ask the receptionist at your hotel for the ferries’ timetable and to book a taxi in advance, so that you can get to experience the ‘real’ Maldives sooner, not later.

Cost (taxi): USD 2.30

       (ferry): USD 7.15

(return flight): USD 178


Excursion Package (purchased from hotel)

asian girl maldives

Day 1

Includes: jet ski, fun tube, kayak, sunset cruise, night fishing + BBQ fish dinner.

Maldives jet skiMaldives jet ski
Maldives fun tube

Our Maldivian watersports guide brought his GoPro for us, failed to transfer the content, insisted on sending them via Facebook, finally got my profile, but the pictures and videos never arrived. FTS.

Maldives night fishing
Maldives night fishing
Maldives night fishing
Maldives night fishing
Maldives sunsetMaldives night fishingMaldives night fishingMaldives night fishing

{Caught the first fish in my life!}

Day 2

Includes: Dolphin cruise, 3 snorkelling trips (turtle reef, banana reef, fun Giri reef), lunch.

Maldives dolphin cruiseMaldives dolphin cruise

Dolphins to me are like the Porsche of fishes and I’d like to think God designed them that way. Apparently whistles not only attract them but also make them jump!

Snorkeling Maldives

Truth be told, Maldives offers the best snorkelling experience I ever had. As I swam past a school of fluttering fishes having their daily meetings, I apologised to the yellow fins we caught and ate yesternight. I found Dory, a bright glowing parrot fish and corals with eyes like in Kubo and the Two Strings.

At the same time I was sea sick AF. My stomach felt inverted so I held on to my life jacket while Yvonne swam mermaid-like in her bikini. Lucky for me, I caught a glimpse of a shy turtle pretty soon and our boat came to fetch save me.

A shiny chocolate-skin lady with bright pink lipstick said “This mask is faulty; my face got suck into it!” I couldn’t stop staring at her lips and wondered how the color stayed faithfully even after 3 swims. Turned out the secret is to reapply, and reapply.

Maldivian grilled fish dinner

The BBQ dinner is basically everyone’s fishing harvest combined, grilled back at the hotel, so expect a late dinner (around 9 p.m.). Don’t worry if no one caught enough fishes because you’ll have 3 to 4 guides who are experts to help. What if they failed too? Then the hotel will make sure everyone’s stomach is filled.

Day 3

Includes: Adaaran Vaadhoo Resort (full-day visit) with lunch, free-flow drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), a shark feeding ‘show’, speedboat transfer (back to the hotel or Malé airport).

Maldives Adaaran VaadhooMaldives Adaaran VaadhooMaldives Adaaran VaadhooAdaaran Vaadhoo shark feedingAdaaran Vaadhoo Maldives sunset

Package cost (negotiable*): USD 300 250

*Try to get a better deal if you can!



asian girls maldives

On my birthday, we decided on an incredible 1-hour massage at Kaani Village & Spa (yes, the same company with the Kaani Lodge), which errs towards the expensive side if you ask me, but *bites tongue* OKAY LAH . . .

Cost: USD 55

Maldives Adaaran Vaadhoo

Conclusion: Purchasing the excursion package got us busy with beach activities the entire trip. Depending on what you’re looking for from a holiday in Maldives, this is a good option for those who can’t enjoy bel far niente (the beauty of doing nothing). If you can survive with just a good book and the soothing sound of the sea like me, then you could save USD 250 / RM 1115.

TOTAL COST: USD 730 / RM 3250 per person


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