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If i were my Blackberry i suppose i would be a very traumatized inanimate object. Pardon me, but it does look like it got abused and raped from behind at least 50 times. Though it has also served its function as a perfect icebreaker (no one has NOT asked me what ‘happened’ to my phone), i’d rather live without such reliable talent. On the other hand, i honestly don’t like protection and in this my context i mean the phone case; which is why i opt to buy 2 Michael Kors designer leather pouches couple of months ago (Limited Edition purple one for Eri; knowing we both can’t wait to divorce our berries) and you could imagine my joy when i finally get to sack my cell into its stylish cover for the very first time after dinosaur years of waiting! i even got a spanking new number from Maxis and this time, i swear i am gonna be wiser about sharing it with those potential-9 a.m.-SMS-wakeup call-slash-mood spoiler’s database . . .


{Michael Kors cellphone leather pouch in army green}



{birthday gift from daddy: the diamond cut white iPhone 5 fit for a princess}



{an ideal union / perfect fit: the unprotected protection}

Here comes the BEST part – i am starring as one of the mains in this Maxis TV Commercial: Be Careful What You Wish For below. Enjoy! 😛

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