5 Things {X’mas Edition}

Here are 5 {X’masy} things that made my week:

1. This Panettone


{because it is a cake, but also tastes like a bread. dad and i had fun figuring}

2. This gift + cute card from Heikki


{because i’m saving the surprise by opening it only after coming back from Germany}

3. This Bohemian bracelet


{a gift from mum all the way from Shangri-La – this bedazzling hot chili red ornament never fails to lend a bit of drama on my otherwise naked wrist this festive season}

4. This furry beanie + gloves (also from Shangri-La)


{because i can always count on them to keep me warm during my entire bones freezing stay in Germany}

5. These big fat candles


{because they romanced me through endless nights as i countdown to my dream white X’mas . . . }

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