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What I Learned from February Is . . .

the importance of speaking to people who lived similar experiences.

People are careless. Betrayed, bruised and braised in the ironies of my 30s; which is supposed to be a great beginning said many, I was left to tend brutal uncertainties and secret instabilities. Much to say, nothing I can talk about.

My absence can be explained by this: I turn a blind eye when it comes to creating cinspirations because most of the time, I am not capable of writing anything without a tinge of bitterness, guilty for taking refuge in enjoying the bliss that is escapism, because hey, I can’t afford not to be real. Yours cincerely.

I also pretty much stopped figuring out matters by myself because it seemed easier to fall back on a lending ear or shoulder. Since the day my best friend whom I talked to almost every day went into labour, I suddenly felt lost, abandoned and incomplete. That was when I noticed how dependent I had become when it comes to solving problems in my own life without guidance.

But here is what I learned – We have the answers to our questions within ourselves all along. It just takes time to reach a conclusion. So in the meantime, we might want to pour our heart out to somebody and listen to other thoughts from outside the frame before we go insane.

The danger with that is too many voices can cloud the journey of making our own decisions confidently. Even the people who want the best for us don’t necessarily give the best advise for a particular situation. Which is why when asking for external opinions, it is important to talk to trusted allies who have lived experiences similar to ours. It really is about quality advises in terms of relevancy, instead of the quantity of opinions gathered at the end of the day.

There is a deadline to everything and it is time to confront this beautiful world flawed with harsh lies, truths and realities.

March for me is about facing what feels impossible one day at a time, knowing it is possible because I am stronger than the damage others can do to me. No matter how small your world feels at any given moment, remind yourself that you are not alone, you are loved, and you have strength. Here’s to speaking our own truths.

I hope it is not too much to ask that you stay, because I know I will be back better someday.

Marching on. 


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