The Great 28


I have lived for 28 years now and did my best attempt to celebrate each one of them the best way I can, but nothing beats this year’s 3-day celebration; which I named The Great 28. Which is my favorite and most memorable birthday thus far? THIS.

It started with one of  everyone’s most favorite words in the world: Friday. In my cotton PJs and sleepy eyes, as the clock stroked 12 a.m., I was led to a pretty table laid with surprises – a glimmering birthday cake waiting for a wish to be blown upon, a bottle of champagne for two (which we finished almost instantly), two presents wrapped professionally personally by Big Guy, topped with a Cinderella shoe that could double as ring keeper and of course, a handwritten card.

Friday flew by so swiftly when spent like this. Early Saturday morning, after playing bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding, we went for a romantic staycation at luxury boutique hotel, Villa Samadhi.


We were welcomed by a friendly security guard who pronounced Big’s name as ‘Lenovo Sattotto’ and that gave us a big fat laugh, instantly warming us up to this cozy retreat. Everything felt present, like it was happening at the right place and the right time.

Chilled ginger tea fell into our hands at the check-in lobby and the staffs treated us with jovial energy that radiated infectiously. I fell in love with our luxe villa the very moment our room doors flung opened; like Cinderella who saw her coach for the first time. With a room looking like that, who wouldn’t?


While still mesmerized in awe, a serving of fresh local fruits and biscuits were served, courtesy of the villa.  So we munched away, yes, before lunch. But when my Duck Ragout Pappardelle was served right in front of my eyes by the poolside, my eyes feasted on it like a beast and the rest is history.

Made full use of our room after a hearty lunch by snuggling in bed under sheets of a million thread counts, watch two-halves-that-don’t-make-a-movie; channel hopping as time passed by like it’s the least we should care about in the world.

Rain made the lazy afternoon better than perfect and when it stopped, I took a refreshing swim and made friends with Momo and his friends; 4 dogs that live there #likeaboss.


Sunset soon fell, casting its magic upon our secret hideaway place; looking like oh my God:


Absorbing all that beauty and decided it was time to enjoy some golden privacy in our private jacuzzi; which walls are lined with volcanic ash and stones. Generously poured 4 giant tablespoons of salt before hopping in with a mug of hot chocolate. How lovely life can be! 


It was indeed a very exclusive 3-day birthday. All I have are praises for a surprise so honestly well-planned at a piece of paradise, that gave me treasure-able memories to be kept and cherished for many years to come. <3


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  1. Happy birthday Cindy! =)

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