5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 thoughtful Cinspirations from my loved ones that made this week treasurable.

1. This sparkling new Ray-Ban


{because it is a birthday gift from my darling brother to be added to my fashionable-items-collection}

2. These handwritten birthday wishes from my family


{especially that one in Spanish because it is part of us siblings’ special annual tradition}

3. These asam boi


{because they make such lovely treats as I nuah (laze) in bed during my luxe staycation}

4. This aromatherapy roller ball from my best friend, Eri


{because it evaporates stress when rolled along pressure points, promising a better night’s sleep hence the name ‘Sweet Dreams‘}

5. This lost ‘N’ found bookmark from Beijing


{because Big Guy found it while we were renovating my chamber and I don’t even remember owning it; which is such a splendid feeling to find something so long lost unexpectedly}

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