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In my eyes, Facebook is all about stereotyped postings. But with a good spring clean and selectively following certain publications / organizations, today i can simply spend an hour a day finding interesting shares that actually open the mind about the different areas in life. i’ll always be a person who prefers a book in hand, but on busy days; such bite-sized reads on the iPhone is just perfect on-the-go. Here i narrowed down my favorite Top 10+ life changing articles to get you ready for a new year. Enjoy!

  • Number one goes to ‘The Most Important Question In Your Life“. It changed my life.
  • After that, change your perspective by watching this 10 minute video.
  • This shows you why physical appearance is important for your career.
  • Open your mind like Hillary Clinton.
  • Girls love boys. Women need men. VIse versa. Know who what you’re dating. Female version here. Male here.
  • Learn why marriage is not for you and ‘how much should you spend on your wedding‘ after learning.
  • My future project: How to create the most awesomest childhood in today’s evolving world of technology.
  • The ‘3 Liters A Day‘ experiment.
  • To those who keep the doctors away with an apple a day – this apple can change your life.
  • Think you know much about hygiene? This article opens up your eyes to the World of Bacteria.
  • Fulfill your responsibility as a citizen of the planet. There’s much to see before you actually die.
  • Everyone loves a big house but since a big house is not for everyone, these tips might just transform any house to a fantastic home.
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