5 Cinspirations

5 throwback cinspirations that are worth documenting:

1. Conquering America

typo map

{because I look forward to finally fill the top left part of my cork board map with pins when I return}

2. This delicate pair of chokers

lovisa choker

{because I’ve been searching for them in my desire for the longest time}

3. This bowl of homemade Yen Ta Fo (Thai pink noodles)

yen ta fo

{because I could go on eating bowls and bowls of this special kuey teow that mum made from scratch}

4. This vintage stapler

daiso wood stapler

{for binding the documents I needed to prepare for my USA visa application neatly}

5. This silly throwback shot of my dear cousin and I


{for reminding me of family even when being far away from home}


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