5 Things

Here are 5 things pictures i really love, because they never fail to make a dull moment more vibrant.

1. This sculpture display at Neues Museum


{because despite being mini, i find elegance shinning through this beautiful piece of turquoise stone}

2. These two cute buggers


{because i found them hiding at a remote corner smiling at me, while i sipped rose champagne at cosy Segafredo}

3. These colorful pizzas


{because they are made of fresh harvest and ingredients; which reminds you that natural food does it best when it comes to bursting flavors and awesomeness}

4. This very just shot of yours truly


{because dressed humbly only in a big white T and no pants on, it turned out to be an accidental shot of me whom just cooked up a storm at the kitchen}

5. This picture of Berlin from up high


{because this marks the last 5 Things post featuring bits of love from Germany}



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