Turning 27


A quarter way through my late twenties, i decided to leave the day unplanned. It was also the first time i celebrated my birthday with Big Guy as a team, who asked me tirelessly, “What do you want for your birthday?”

“i want a memory”, was what i told him but Big wouldn’t let my ‘special’ day go by without something more tangible. After 8 months of extensive traveling around the world, it felt like nothing could top that; if not another wanderlust-ful trip.

i could list down all the gifts i received on my birthday; which i will later on to make this post more picturesque, but the best gift of all, was the gift of love, and the gift of time. Neither i could buy around the world, nor if i had the money.

Big Guy created a chance for my dearest friends to present me their priceless gift by planning a surprise birthday eve party – Ruby, Kin Wai, Chris and Lu Xi, thank you for making time and staying till 3 a.m. on a weekday. Counting down 12 o’clock while getting older can’t get more momentous with you by my side.

Part I: The Surprise Birthday Party


{Pink and white helium balloons floating everywhere – making the place a cotton candy dreamland}


{The birthday balloon for the birthday girl ^_^}


{Fresh smiling flowers everywhere!!!}


{The little detail(s): even our darling little glass house was crowned with frangipani}

While we were busy drinking wine, Big Guy cooked for us. i don’t know what to say . . . i’m still pretty much amazed, looking at these pictures:


{Ruby, who doesn’t eat beef, ate beef}


{And we giggled so hard when she tipsily asked “Why did he take my plate away? i want more potatoes!”}



As i blew the pink candles sparkling wildly on my red velvet cake, i made a wish i don’t remember after too much prosecco. But what i do remember, was that everyone was happy, and i was happy too . . .



Part II: The Gift of Memory

On the 21st, Big Guy carried through the princess theme and fulfilled my wish of a ‘memory’ as a gift. We went to little Europe to have lunch and play with swans at Swan Lake.


{Furla x Swans}

If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed my love for massages by the unbelievable frequency of our visits to the parlors. After i was done playing Swan Lake Princess, we went for a delicious 90 minutes body massage.


Part III: The Feast

Mum and dad, who understand that their children once taken would celebrate their birthdays more often than not with their boyfriend / girlfriend, made a lil’ party at home for me and my brother whose birthday is just 6 days after mine. Handsome roast duck, homemade quiches, caramelized onion muffins, mango pudding . . . It was like almost like thanksgiving!


{by my mum, ‘Chef’ Moi}


Part IV: Little Big Treasures

Here comes the gift part of the story, mostly by Big Guy.


{A Swarovski silk set which according to Big, “to match your Swarovski pen”. :mrgreen: A fascinating detail: the organic clear crystal can move inside its cage!}


{A very thoughtful piece – an electronic bookmark dictionary that beats all the other bookmarks i’m collecting. i bet you didn’t know this exists!}


{i have always been fascinated by the way Jamie Oliver presents his grubs on a chopping board. However, it can’t be just any chopping boards – it has to be something that is all wood with a handle like the one you see in the picture above. Every time we visit IKEA, they seem to run out of this stock FOREVER. The next thing i know, Big Guy has been D.I.Y-ing one for me during midnights when i was asleep at home}


{A bunch of valentine flowers that came with my red velvet cake and prosecco}


{This card with an internal joke that is just SO me and Big Guy <3}


{Ruby got me three gifts! i must say i adore the third one the most, because she went a mile to buy me a memory we once shared; which we shared together again at the surprise party}


{Charlene got me a pair of cute owl earrings}


{Eri got me a beach themed gift set, knowing very well that i am a beach girl more than anything else you could possibly describe about me. The little white house you see now holds all my keys. No more where-are-my-damn-keys moments! 😀 }


{From my dearest brother, with my favorite way of seeing / hearing a birthday greeting}


{Lastly, mum and dad got me a silver watch that i’ve always wanted by Michael Kors + matching set of accessories}


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