[AD] Winter Berry

Do you want to be the 1st to get the latest BlackBerry Bold 9780 or the new BlackBerry Torch 9800??


Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the latest berries at the best deals – only with Celcom!! 😀

This is the one thing i cannot leave home without –


my BlackBerry Torch. Either it is for work or leisure, it just makes everything so convenient! i love it so much.

With Celcom BlackBerry, you are basically connected via mobile (calls & sms), internet (browsing your favourite sites), and receiving emails (from work or personal) anytime.

Besides, you are also connected with all your friends 24/7, wherever you are. Facebook, Twitter, and not to forget, the awesome Blackberry Messenger. 8)


The new BlackBerry Bold has the following power packed features; which the old one doesn’t, such as :

  • Operating using the new BlackBerry 6 OS
  • Has the longest battery life amongst all phones in the berry range!
  • 5.0 megapixel camera
  • 512MB flash memory


Or, you can get the beautiful Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 to enjoy the best of both worlds!

This phone i’m using is the 1st smartphone with a keyboard and full 3.2 inch touch screen! It has :

  • Maximized multimedia with 8 GB of memory, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card
  • Zoom effect by a pinch of your fingers
  • 5 MP camera with flash, plus 11 photo modes

  • Integrated social feeds to filter all your feeds in one neat view
  • Faster, richer browsing to manage multiple opened websites

Can’t wait to be the 1st to own one of these Blackberry smartphones?


Sign up now for the most affordable package price with Celcom. You can choose between the following packages :

  • Celcom Exec postpaid plans
  • Or Celcom Biz

Celcom is Malaysia’s No.1 Blackberry provider, offers the widest mobile network coverage in the country, and increases the efficiency of your business with an extensive range of plans and services!


Ain’t that berry cool? 8)

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  1. i see myself on your bbm!

  2. why you change from iphone to blackbeery 9800? better?

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