5 Things

Here is a mixture of 5 things reminisced from the past (that ease resettling after being on the road > being at home); which brings along souvenirs for friends from across the world.

1. This pale wall mural


{because gone were the days we write with chalks, and these inspiring words scribbled effortlessly like so next to a pleated tree trunk makes the whole picture Pinterest-worthy}

2. My cup of coffee on a plane


{because nobody can deny that airlines today can afford to be more creative with their services}

3. These miniature cognacs collected from Berlin


{perfect to be made souvenirs when buying last minute for many}

4. This handcuffed sweet wine


{named Ficken for a naughty personality – a couple kinda gift}

5. These lip gloss with lights from Brisbane


{perfect for single girl friends who might hit the bars / clubs on weekend nights 😉 }


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