Cin City Plastic Surgery

i’ve been blogging for 7 years now. Throughout these 7 years, i’ve changed URL 3 times – from MSN to Blogspot to WordPress. Throughout the 3 times of “migrating”, i’ve changed blog skin, theme, layout, probably more than 730730730 times.


Remember this? 🙂

i used to crack my brains and peel my eyes just to learn what HTML coding is. i never failed to sleep earlier than 4 a.m. just to get one picture fit into the header perfectly. Sick and tired of being a WordPress dummy, i thought hey, it’s time to hire a designer!

Cindy Header

The one that never got released because it is too atrocious.

The first designer that i got, was an Indian guy who designed my previous purple layout. The moment he received full payment (which i was inconceivably ridiculously charged for), he stopped replying my emails. Then i understood why he refused to give me any sort of contacts besides email and MSN (where anyone can appear Offline anytime). Dodgy.


Any troubles i faced, i met dead ends. He even told me NOT to update my WordPress because if anything goes wrong, he won’t be able to help me. (pft, of course.) In the end i tried to get help from some bloggers who secretly left their own links or even “trademark codings” in Cin City for their own publicity without me knowing; until Kenny Sia noticed and mentioned it to me. 🙁

Finally after 7 long years, i got my dream layout. Thanks to my best friend and soul sister Ai Rene, who introduced me to this couple of designer (better known as ZHNG DESIGN), who so effortlessly made a girl’s wish came true after so many years of waiting.


YAY! 😀

If i have to describe Zhng Design, it would be Professional, Efficient, Precise (with style). The first time i met them, i was rambling at 180KM/H. Kathie (my designer), was just smiling and nodding away. The moment i got home, the first thing i saw in my inbox was an email from her recapping what i want. And it was exactly what i rambled about. SURPRISE~!


The next thing i know, the drafts came flying by. Every single detail was done so swiftly and efficiently. Unlike the other designers i’ve (tried) to work with, Kathie has her own taste in designing. i faced ZERO trouble painting the picture of how Cin City looks like in my head. She delivers you EXACTLY what you wish for like a fairy God mother~


Kathie even attached YouTube videos to coach me on areas i don’t understand.

Any WordPress troubles faced were troubleshooted immediately with a couple of suggestions before hand. i find this a very important ethic as it makes you feel respected. i was once blamed by this designer guy, Hau, for his bad designs just because i didn’t give him my password! Heeelloo? You know what happened next? i fired him.

i feel sorry for my poor blog. After so long, this is the only smoothest ride Cin City has ever taken. Zhng Design is like the King of WordPress! They know exactly how to fix every aspect of these stuff. Goodbye to the days of trying to read a sentence that starts with href and ends with < / p >


Kathie attaches the Print Screens to guide you too!

i am sure most of you might be able to relate to some parts of this story. Sometimes the solution is out there, but we just don’t know how to get there. That is why i am sharing this piece of information with you :

To those of you bloggers who are still facing the same problem as me, or would simply love to get a sparkling new layout, i proposed Zhng Design to give a 20% discount to all of you, and they agreed!!! All you gotta do is mention the Secret Code : CIN CITY in your email to them. Worry not as they don’t charge unreasonably. 😉


If you are new to blogging and simply want a new blog theme without paying, you can also download FREE WordPress themes designed by Andrew and Kathie here @

Just like Cinderella who needs to fit in the right glass slipper, i strongly believe that every blogger deserves to have their own dream blog. i hope this entry will help you get what you need.

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  1. this layout is sooooo AWESOME!

  2. nice clean layout!

  3. Very nice and clean layout! Love it! =]

    1. me loves it too! [=

  4. Keep those photos we took in your room babeh! Loved that shot next to thr window wan! <3-ing the new layout!

    1. i kept it @ 2 places in case they go missin’! haha

    1. Thank you Tigrrr! 😀

  5. Really nice! I love the photo stream thingy at the top.

    1. Thank you, Oli~ Nice to hear from U! i love it a lot too – at least it has got some movement in there. ^^

  6. Nice new layout! 🙂
    And I just realised that you’re from Sunway Uni too! (read the article) 😀

  7. gambarmu cukup stim <3 me suka! xoxo

  8. it’s so you!!!

  9. It’s simple and girlish 🙂 Thanks for sharing the FREE WordPress themes…

    1. my pleasure, sweetie. hope u found one that u like! 😉

  10. Sweet and clean layout. I love it! But I’m still a new blogger, not the time to own a blogskin 😀 I wish to have one! 🙂

    1. u can download the Free ones! 😀

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