Growing Cotton

If you notice yourself reaching out for your compact powder every now & then because your makeup can’t stay, it’s a sign of your skin telling you, “Hey missy, i’m thirsty!

Well, here is my favourite way to give my skin a boost of hydration. It’s very easy, & inexpensive too! i hope you’ll benefit from this entry (even guys can do this). If you don’t like trying new mask products because you have sensitive skin, this might be the solution for you. 😉


When you feel thirsty, you drink water. This same concept applies to our skin! Besides drinking 8 glasses of water a day, doing this routine helps refresh your face making it softer & more supple.

You only need 2 things :


  1. Spring water (Avene, Evian, or ZA energy water)
  2. Cotton tablets (you can find them at any SaSa outlets)


i am using Avene thermal spring water as my skin swears by it, & i always pour it into a container like so. This step is not necessary as it is almost impossible to take the water out of its bottle – try it & you’ll cry. But later you’ll see why i like to do so nonetheless.


1. Take a cotton tablet & remove its plastic wrapping.


2. Place it in the container (or spray it until it is COMPLETELY wet).


3. Watch your tablet slowly “grow taller” & smile 🙂


4. Once it absorbs all that mineral, take it out by holding its tip (you don’t want to “pollute” the remaining water).


5. Open it & wallaa it’s a mask!


6. Fit it onto your face, lie down, close your eyes & relax. Leave on for 10 – 15 minutes.



Remember to apply toner, essence if you have any, moisturizer, & eye cream to lock everything in. If you’re a guy, you can stop here. If you’re a girl, now you can apply your makeup & notice how it miraculously stay on your skin all day! (OK maybe touchup once.)


This method has worked wonders for me but at the end of the day, everybody has different skin type, tone, & texture so results might wary. However, it is pure water that we are supplying our skin with so there is no need to worry if anything will go wrong.

Have fun & good luck! <3

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  1. Good tips cindy! Spring water is the normal mineral water? Love your new blog lay out! ;))

    1. Thanks E! Spring water is not normal mineral water. Go to any drugstore i.e Watsons & search for Avene. If you are under a budget, try ZA energy water. & i love my new blog layout too! 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing the tips, my skin is dry like snake snake *yucks*

    1. Use Biotherm’s moisturizer!!! It quenches the thirst of your skin faster than any other products i know. 😉

  3. I like your new blog layout!nice!
    how much is the cotton tablet?=D I’ve been looking for it!

    1. it’s 9.90 with 20% discount @ SaSa (bought 2 packets recently last week). Hopefully they are still on it!

  4. I love your new blog layout.Looks so freshie. =)
    Can post some make up tutorial and some make up product you use?

    p.s : This is much more better than trying different brands of mask!!

    1. Thank you Crystal, i love it a lot too (=

      i will try to post more on that area in future (even tho i think fashion posts will be more >.<)

      different brands of mask can be risky. i once had my whole face peeling non-stop for 2 weeks!!

  5. Hm, this is interesting. Never done this before. Will try it after my exams 😀 haha
    btw, I like the new layout too ! Got a shock when I opened your site last night. So different ! Ooh, but I love the lipstick kisses !!!! xoxo

    1. hahaha! i like it as much too. & the xoxo of course! ^_^

  6. You new blog layout is so nice! Loving the girly and pink 😀 Did you design it yourself or did someone else do it for you?

    1. hey, thank Q! glad that u like it. today i’m writing an entry introducing their awesome service 😉

  7. I like ur new blog layout … clean n big ! lol
    Unfortunately since I moved here, there isn’t drugstore like Watson, Sasa … I can’t find face mask n I don’t think I will find this cotton one too.

    1. halo! thanks~ i like it too! hmm.. i’m sure they also sell ’em spring water selling in malls! as for the cotton tablets, maybe Sephora?

  8. this is good advice, rather than thinking which mask to use….
    btw, new layout looks good!

    1. thanks axiao, nice to hear from u agen!

  9. yup, it is..i want to try this as well 🙂
    thanks cindy!!

    1. it’s my pleasure grl! 😉

  10. one more thing, may i know what camera do you use?
    your picture quality is very good, it is very bright.
    canon powershot S90 is it?

    1. yup, it is the s90 😉

  11. if u dunwan to waste the spring water, u may soak the cotton tablet in a clean water..then squeeze the water out from cotton…then follow the next step from number 2..
    this concept is, water molecule will fill the space between cotton molecule, so that the spring water will be totally absorb into ur skin..

    I am using kose sekkisei lotion~ 🙂

    1. thanks for sharing, beabetter! 😀

  12. I have a s90 too..
    can you share some photo taking tips ?
    yours are pretty =)

    1. haha.. thanks sunny, but i don’t really have any tips. i just go with the feel & snap away~!

  13. Hi cindy 🙂 This is a very nice sharing! I always have a problem looking for a nice eye cream, do you have any recommendations? Thanks lot!

    1. hi there tracey! i would say Dermalogica really but it’s sooo expensive T_T maybe u can try Kiehls avocado or total eye cream ;D

  14. OOOH , neva seen it before, what a cute item…
    so funn that it will grow up.

    1. that’s y! Japs r so creative

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