Halloween Special: Venetian Princess


As Halloween this year naturally falls on a weekday, i decide to celebrate it this coming Thursday without overdoing it. i created this look that is versatile (so that you don’t have to scarify beauty should you decide to abandon your costume by midnight – you reeaally don’t want to scare off Prince Charming), yet still containing enough drama while you are ‘in character’. All you need is to hunt down your favorite mask at the nearest costume store, and some basic makeup tools. Busy people who still wanna have fun, this is Halloweeen made simple! 😉


The colors used in this tutorial is inspired by an original Venetian mask that i got from Venice recently. This look is wearable even for day (sans mask), masquerade parties, and of course Halloween. Also, to girls who would love to have wider eyes, this look is for you.


The not so Halloween-looking tools. 😛


Start with a clean bare face. Wear colored contacts of your choice (they can even be red!). Alas, i am too much of a practical person hence i opt for grey. 😆


Draw a thick, straight brow with only a short arch at the end. Fill in any sparse spaces and even them out with a brow brush, blending away harsh lines. Basic Brows tutorial link here.


For the eyes, i am using this KATE’s eyeshadow palette. If you look closely, you will notice that each of the colors are labeled perfectly according to what it’s for.


Apply the matte, almost translucent eye base all over the eyes so that your makeup stays longer. If you have unsymmetrical eyelids, you may like this How To: Double Eyelids tutorial here.


Apply a wash of the ‘wide control pearl’ all over the socket of your eyes while still keeping it neat. This will warm up the entire eye area.


Create a > shape at the corner of your right eye ( < for the left) using medium brown, and blend the harsh corners subtly.


Swipe a wash of glittering pale gold highlight below the brow area using a brush that transfers colors easily to ensure an even application.


Dab the deep brown focusing only at the end of your eye (where my brush is pointing at), then trace the color over the crease of your eyelid. Use a skinny brush like so to achieve a more precise application. Using a big brush in this step will cause eye makeup to look muddy.


Continue to line your eyes using the same deep brown, reserving the inner corners clean.


Apply shimmering gold at the corners of your eyes.


Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner ending with a flirty flick. Basic Eyeliner tutorial here.


Apply false lashes for a more volumized effect.


Conceal dark circles!


Finish off with bottom mascara. Do not skip the steps for your bottom eye area.


The complete eye makeup look. Description of all brushes used in this post here.


Suck your cheeks in and brush a swipe of coral tone blush across your cheeks.


Apply a subtle red lip color and coat with a layer of orange gloss.


Curl your hair – a MUST for this look.


Makeup is finished! 😀


Put on your mask.


Adjust and make sure that your lashes are not batting against it – or you will have a busy time sticking them on again and again while others are having fun.


And should you have found Prince Charming, don’t be shy to remove your mask . . . 😳


i hope you are all inspired for a great Halloween celebration this Thursday!


Practice makes perfect. <3



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