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Here’s a short makeup tut. I did this quite some time ago; even before the “Go Blake Lively Today” one. Reason why it is only up now, is because I did it for the last Bali post.

A couple of ya commented that you like my hippie dress and how the headband goes with it. Fyi, I got both items from Forever21.  (:

Today’s post is about how I did my makeup to suit that ala Nicole Richie dress.

1. Foundation


I used this BB cream. (Ehem. I’m not gonna mention which brand, but I don’t recommend this because it is very oily oily oily.)

You can use any other BB cream as it has the 3-in-1 (moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation) formula OR you can also opt for the ‘sunscreen + Biotherm makeup base + foundation’ manual mix.

Wearing a hippie maxi dress usually means you’re going out into the sun. Unless you’re wearing it to the cinema at night, can you skip the sunscreen part.  =P

2. Eyebrow



I hope you still remember this part!

3. Eyeshadows


Here I have Majorica Majorca and Stage’s eyeshadow. You DON’T HAVE to follow exactly the brands I am using here because I’m not using them because they are exceptionally great…

a) Get the brown.


Use an appropriate brush.


Apply it all over your lid like this.

b) Light brown


Use a bigger sweep brush.


Apply it all over the brow bone to heighten up the eyes.

c) Darkest tone for eye corner – Dark blue


Get a pointy eyeshadow applicator and draw a line across the blue.


Apply your blue eyeshadow at the end corner of both upper and bottom part of the eyes. This will make them look bigger.

c) Bright gold


I love this part!


Dab some at the inner corner of the eye – this will instantly perk them up.

4. Eye liner


Line your eyes with a kohl pencil.

5. Mascara


Apply mascara for both upper and bottom lashes. You don’t need to use false lashes here (unless you only wanna take pictures) because no one really wears falsies to the beach.

6. Blusher


I’m using Body Shop’s Nutmeg.


However, I only recommend the brush. Intro-ed this before in the Blake Lively post.

7. Lipstick


Apply a layer of lip balm followed by an orange base lipstick with a touch of gloss.


Ta Daaa~~

Slip into your Nicole Richie dress, match it with hippie accessories, tie on a headband & wear your favourite flip flops — You’re ready to go!

Have you gotten your maxi dress? 😉


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  • Some people find the need to Twitpic everything they eat 3 times a day.
  • Some people desperately need to Facebook 24/7 and play Restaurant City or they feel like they will die.

If you are one of the above or more than one of the above, I suggest you get yourself a BlackBerry today. Come Join Me!

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Ain’t that greater than just great? Can you imagine; the life without carrying a heavy laptop around everywhere worrying it might get stolen? You’ve gotta get a BlackBerry to experience it. I’m not lying to you. Try it here. 😉

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  1. What do u use to remove face and eye makeup? Could u do a tutorial how the proper way to remove makeup? Thanks.

    1. hey grl, i did a post regarding that before. here is the link – 😉

  2. ya! i saw ur pic in ur previous post! u look super gorgeous with that headband!!!! n of course the maxi n the super long necklace!!!between, i use MJ’s eyeshadow too~ n i think its really nice n easy to use!~ n again…u look stunning!!!!! phewwwwitttt~ hhhhehe lolzz

    1. oh wow hi there! very exciting comment 2 read! hehe.. thanks a lot babe, & hey u can wear so too! 😀

  3. i love maxi dresses too! but i cannot find one that fits me yet fml T____T

    1. hmm… maybe u can wear platforms and then curi-curi CUT the dress length abit?! xD

  4. Oohh..BB Cream..can recommend which brand is good eh? I been scouting around and I dont know which brand is good. Hmm?

  5. hi cindy, which brand of kohl pencil u normally use, coz some can putus easily at the tip 🙂

    1. i m using Majorica Majorca, but it is finishing so i’m gonna try Stila’s now. Don’t drop your kohl pencils or even the best would break easily. 😉

  6. your hippie-dress look welly welly cute lah…

    1. 10 kiu welly welly much oohh… xD

  7. its etude house bb cream right? XD
    I’ve seen before too and i don’t like it either 🙁

    1. haha.. yea man. so oily. but if u have super dry skin i guess it works… =/

  8. Cindy, this is my fourth time trying to leave you comment =( Thanks for the make up tut once again. My make up usually consist only of foundation, eye liner, brows, lip balm, haha 🙂 Yes yes, gotten a few maxi but never worn them before, perhaps CNY? Oh yea, you should organise blogger gathering or something, for your blogs reader 🙂 Just a suggestion 🙂 Happy day!

    Now now, I wonder if this will go through? Is it because I used different email every time?

    1. Dear Brenda, thanks for bein so patient with this screwed up system sometimes. & thanks for the suggestions too! but i’m just worried l8r no one turn up damn paiseh xD

  9. hey girl ! thumb up for this post… its good and its usefull for me 🙂 thank you for sharing ya ^^

    i will always drop by !

    1. please do give more suggestions / ask me what u would like 2 know so i can improve & try my best 2 help out too! ^^

  10. The BB cream that u’re using, coverage not too good and very
    oily… Try the new one, precious BB cream mineral. Very good
    coverage and not oily at all! 😀

    Anyway, like your blog. 🙂 Cheers~

    1. where can i get that; i wanna try! 😀

      1. Etude House! It’s a newer generation of the oily one. 🙂
        It’s considered as a good product with the price to me. Hope
        u’ll like it too~

      2. i don’t like Etude’s BB creme. =/

      3. Why le?? Was it because the one u’re showing here causes
        u trouble??

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